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  1. Hi Johnny! Thanx for your help, I have also heard about this method. I tried it but no pollen was released. I had to open the stamen by force and then used the pollen on next flower. Out of 3 flowers I was successful in pollinating one. It produced about 13 seeds. They are already put on TC medium. Time will show whether they are viable and germinate:-)

  2. Hi Anjoe! Thank you. No, I do not use sole silica sand as substrate, but for most tuberous species I add about 1cm layer of sand as topping to thwart moss and fungus intrusion (and to make it look nice). For bigger species I use sand and pebbles. The substrate they grow in is a very sandy mix (85%sand, 15% white peat). For seed germination I dont use sand topping (some tuberous drosera seedlings require above-average amount of nutrients to grow fast and sand just wouldnt do if not fed at the same time).

  3. Zlatokrt: Yes, Adam it seems you are right:-) I naively thought people would be more perceptive to text than pics! LOL

    Sonia,Jimscott: thanx for nice compliments

    Mobile: I do not recall who did I get d.squamosa into my possession from. I vaguely assume it was someone from Germany. Yes, squamosa is quite easy given that she is kept cold (5-20C) and gets plenty of water when she grows. She is not light-demanding too much. I grow the 'laterite form' which is more colourful than the 'sand form'. One's gotta love the tuberous sundews, they are so cool! :thumbsup:

  4. Hi!

    I have a question concerning d. squamosa. My plant has been growing for about 2 months now and looks ok, but it seems like she wants to become a palm tree because her roots lift her up above substrate level more and more. I do not think the has shallow pot, so I dont know why is she behaving like this. Has anyone experienced something similar? If so, what does it mean>? For now i keep adding sand on the top of the layer to keep the roots wet. Thanx for any comments. Here are the pictures:



    ...since I had to open the terrarium I also took some pics hope u like them:

    d.erythrorhiza ssp. collina


    d.ascendens flowering


    d. peltata vars. forest


    d.peltata red miniature alpine form from Tuggeranong


    d.menziesii ssp. menziesii


    d. platypoda emerging


  5. WoW! Breathtaking combination to see d. roraimae, nicely intensively redden up and the snow-white perfectly symetrical huge quartz crystals! The whole place looks like from another planet and is one of those precious spots in the world everyone would like to see before they die. Lucky you! Great pictures, thanx for posting them here for us! Too bad pics cannot transmit atmo of such place! :smile:

  6. I was cleaning the terraria today and since I had all plants taken out I used the opportunity to take pictures of some. Surprisingly, I found out that many drosera species are going to flower now in winter (including S.American species that have already flowered in the summer)

    Here are some pics:

    drosera madagascariensis


    drosera dielsiana (laying in ambush:-)


    drosera admirabilis


    drosera venusta (after haircut:-)


    drosera affinis


    drosera slackii


    drosera hamiltonii


    drosera villosa (started growing after potting up)


    drosera ascendens seedlings from TC


    drosera ascendens mother plant


    drosera tomentosa var. glabrata flowering



    drosera roraimae (left-Gran Sabana, right-Cerro Adua, Estado Bolivar)


    drosera peltata var. peltata (Brisbane Ranges,Vic)


    drosera peltata var. auriculata (Anglesea,Vic)


    drosera peltata var.auriculata (Yass, Vic)-it is a red form


    drosera peltata var.peltata (Maldon, Vic)


    drosera peltata var. foliosa (Jamieson, Vic)-very robust plant, my favourite form:-)


    drosera menziesii ssp. menziesii is emerging now


  7. This one is Heliamphora minor 'Giant'. I did some investigation on this yesterday and I found out that it takes about 12 weeks from pollination to ripe seed-capsule. From the stage depicted above, 6 more weeks. I am still not sure this is a success. I have never done this before, but somehow always thought it would be bigger. The green capsule is only 7mm long. Does anyone know how big are H. minor seeds?

    Oliv: Patience is a good thing-sometimes makes the roses bloom (and heli seeds ripen:-))

  8. Hi, I would like to ask someone experienced in this, whether my heliamphora pollination attempt was successful or not. It has been a month after pollination of the flower. Some follicular capsules died together with the flower but the second seed-capsule is still growing, not too much though. I anclose the pictures (sorry for the fuzzy pics). Please if someone could tell me if this is a good sign and also how long does it take for the capsule to ripen? I am asking, because in case this is a no-go , I would cut the flower stalk off so the plant does not waste its energy. Thank you for comments.



  9. Francois!

    This brought me back to when I used to hatch eggs of caterpillars myself. I had quite a collection back then and bred many exotic butterflies from eggs. It is an unusual experience to watch caterpillar convert into a beautiful butterfly, crawling out of chrysalis, slowly pumping air into wingtubes to stretch into full beauty! Sometimes the caterpillars are more bizzare then butterflis themselves (as in this case). It is a very rewarding hobby you have and beautiful as well. Thanx for sharing the pictures with us and good luck to the future breeding!!! :-)

  10. Jimscott, those pics above are 5 weeks old, now tha sarrs are covered with snow with frozen water in traps:-) They are getting ready for winter sleep now. I wish I could do the same for I hate winter! Thanx god I also grow tuberous drosera to keep me busy:-)

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