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    Back from the dead

    Thanks LJ, I'm pleased they survived/recovered. :)
  2. I just had to let you know as I am so pleased with myself. lol. OK so it's probably not that much of an achievement by a lot of standards, but for me it's a big deal. I don't know if I mentioned it, but some time ago, around the time I first joined this forum, I bought a couple of plants from places (on reflection probably not a good idea) that are not even close to being classed as a garden centre. Basically places that just have a garden section. Anyway, I bought these two poor tatty looking plants that were simply labelled 'Sarracenia'. One of them was just a pot with a few little brown stick-like tubes that looked like they had been set alight at some point. The bloke in the shop let me have them for about 50p each and said they would probably not make it. Well I took them home and put them in new pots with new soil, thinking that if they had been watered with tap water it might be beneficial to change the soil completely. I read the CP Bible (Savage Garden) to get the right mix etc and put them on my patio in a tray of water. I am pleased to announce that after a few weeks of nothing much happening (or appearing not to anyway), there are now some small, new pitchers sticking up through the brown sticks. At first I wasn't sure if they were even part of the plant (such is my limited experience) or something else entirely, maybe a weed or something. However, they are most definitely some kind of Sarracenia. I will get some photo's over the next couple of days and ask if any of you knowledgeable folk could maybe identify them for me. :)
  3. Hi all. I have a similar problem to this with my N. miranda, I don't know if anyone could advise. I am hoping it is still OK, but while the plant itself looks to be doing quite well, the pitchers have all shrunken up and turned brown. Some are half brown and half decent looking, but definitely don't look quite right. A few of the pitchers have dried out, but a few still have liquid in and are still catching wasps & such even though appear to be dying. The large leaves are quite red now, I have been told that this is due to exposure to sun and wont harm the plant. Any advice greatly appreciated. I can supply photo's if it helps. TIA Rez
  4. Well... It did come from a garden centre, but the owner is a collector himself and he got it from an experienced grower too. The label was in the pot when he got the plants, so by your reasoning then it should be what it says on the label? Thanks again for all your help everyone.
  5. Thank you for your replies, much appreciated. This is what the label said, but someone else told me it was a psittacina hybrid (which, if I'm not mistaken a wrigleyana is, isn't it?) so I got to looking it up and that made things worse. There was mention of the Darlingtonia californica (though they look more green and less red) (?) too, but it doesn't have the little 'tongue' (although it does have something sticking out that might have been or might become that tongue-like part)... and so I got confused. I'll go with the wrigleyana then. Thank you
  6. I have been going in circles with a new plant I have. It has a name on the label in the pot, but I'm not sure if it is accurate as a couple of the others I had turned out to be something else. So I decided to call on you for help again. This has a label with a name, but after looking at it and looking around the 'net and reading certain things I'm not sure. Could you please ID this for me? TIA
  7. Hi Dom, I just read through this thread. Love your bog. I hope to make one sometime soon so I was looking at yours for good ideas. What is the pipe in the corner for? I saw you mention that you had some flooding and then showed that pipe, is it something to do with that? TIA
  8. Rez

    ID help

    Thank you for the info about the 'x'. Thanks also for identifying my other Nep. It's nice to know exactly what they are. I hope in time that I'll be able to identify them as easily as you all seem to be able to. Thanks again.
  9. Rez

    ID help

    Thank you. I tried looking through my book, but so many look similar in the little photo's. I suppose it is a case of when you've seen so many and get to know them... I'm in awe of your knowledge. I hope I can become as familiar with these plants. While I'm here may I ask a couple more questions? Firstly, (I suppose I should look through more of the site, but I have been reading about all this intensively for some time now and I think I'm a bit flooded with information.), when you describe (and I've seen others do it all across these boards and elsewhere) my plant you say "N. x miranda". So I understand that N. denotes that it is Nepenthes and miranda is the variety, but what is the 'x' for? Is it simply 'cross' or something? I was reading in another thread about the hybrids and names given to various 'crosses' etc and it is all way above me at the moment, but I'd like to learn, albeit slowly. Also, did you see the other Nep. in my photostream? >>> This one <<< I have done my best to identify that myself and from the sources decided it is N. alata. Is that right? The thing is that when I see these in the centre they all have a printed label that just says 'Nepenthes' and nothing else. Thanks again for your help, Wasted, much Obliged.
  10. Rez

    ID help

    Hi all, I would just like to use this space to ask if anyone could identify a plant for me too please. I know it's a Nep. but no idea other than that. I think it will be easiest if I link you to my Flickr page as the plant is already uploaded there. From the page I link you to you can browse the photostream and see the plant from other angles etc. >>> Click here for my Flickr page <<< Thanks in advance.
  11. Rez

    CP Composts

    Thanks again, mobile. Nice of you to dig those out for me. I had to laugh when I read that material safety data sheet. The section 'Physical and chemical properties' where it says "Colour: Brownish - Odour: Peaty"
  12. Thank you for the information. Plenty for me to consider.
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