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  1. Hello Due to the "force majeure" floralab will be not selling live TC plants in the nearest time. Simultaniously- TC kits, chemicals ans supplies are still available. Dominika will answer all Your questions at: [email protected] Best regards Witold Hoffmann
  2. Hello ;) It's been a while of setup running. Everything is working well. Only change i made till last update is moving helpamphoras closer to new 250W HPS unit in the middle of setup, and installing air-cooling of HPS. It's terrible, becouse i'm starting to have not enough space for everything ;( Some photos of "heavy bushes in attack" ;): lowii x camp vogelii tentaculata "a must be"-one of wistuba's clones dubia from Malea and regular one "comparision" to villosa seedlings growing there mini maxima flowering 2nd time, slightly ;) bigger than in previous post another mini maxima clone "porcelain" ;)? Greetings Witek
  3. Hello It seem that it was damage caused by- mostly- heat from HPS lamp. Possibly funghus had better growth conditions in higher temperatures. Now i installed HPS cooling what gave 1st sign that something started to be "better" in all of mine heliamphora plants. I didn't repot it, just lowered watering and decreased soil moisture with incrased overall humidity. Also- month ago i applied 1st dose of trichoderma T-22 to all of my plants. Very low, to test plants response. It was really good- nothing died ;), so i gave regular concentred dose again week ago. I run also some tests with placing plants closer to the- cooled- 250W HSP lamp, and definitively i'm moving all heliamphoras closer to it. Thanks again for help- i will update the topic to let know about next results ;) Greetings Witek
  4. Hello ;) I have fresh ventrinermis [bE clone] pollen available- if anybody would like to create thousands of new babies, please PM me. Witek
  5. Hello Please PM me with pollen You have available- first flowers are opening now. Splitting resulting seeds 50:50. Greetings Witek
  6. Difficulcity of TC is proclaimed mostly by the people who haven't tried it yet ;) My first trial was made without any microbal growth inhibitors, on medium with wrong composition, wrong pH, very bad sterylisation techique, and in simple cleanbox from plastic box......... The most suprising thing is... that it was succesful ;) Greetings Witek
  7. I observed that the bigger the temperature is, the higher the relative humidity should be- mayby total avarage temp. in garage is higher than in growtrailer :>? "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger ;)"! Greetings, and good luck! Witek
  8. Hello ;) @Zagato: What do You mean by "where i find TC"? I'm not hard working- just not sleeping Now just wait for D.regia albino deflasking and determining does the slighltly yellow colour means that it produces some protochlorophyllide :D
  9. Hello ;) 2,5 months after sowing: 5 months after sowing: Now- ~9 months from sowing: Their growths was painfully slow at the beggining, and they wer standing in one place for ~2 months after repotting. Key-factors: -not wet, but very humid. Most important one. Wetting the crowns will cause death. -big, deep pot, managing moist but not wet airy soil Mine temperature ranges weren't perfect for them- 25* day 15* night, but now- with frosts- temperature in my growroom decreased, and i observe really explosion. [this word with villosa is not perfect- but comparing to their normal growth...;)] I lost only 2 seedlings- after repotting, rest of them are very healthy. It's very exciting to watch them, looking for natural hybrids inside ;);) I just have to say, that i also got some seeds from BCP, none of them germinated [maby YET?- 8? months ;)] Good luck! Witek
  10. Hello I'm happy to share some photos from our lab with You ;) : First- 2 clones od D.alba: "pure sticky beautiful" interesting red form D.regia "albino" B.aquatica likes flowering in TC vining cistiflora and "mauve flower" form graminifolia camporupestris felix pauciflora gymnamphora ionantha medusina x montuzemae few. VFT's new clones: Other photos can be found at our FB fanpage: We update this gallery at first, so look after it to get freshest photos ;) Greetings Witek
  11. Hello And just for sure- all plants will be not-acclimatised, for hardening by Your own. In case of any questions about it- please just send me PM/e-mail ;) Postage of plants will be performed when weather conditions are appropriate. There is also possibility of fast UPS postage, but it's more expensive [bigger cities- 1-2 days, smaller- 3 days] Greetings Witek
  12. Hello Small holes are for escape of ethylene, and doesn't provide enough space to get contamination. But if You store them in not very clean room You can wrapp them with parafilm or - just simple- kitchen film/aluminium foil. Greetings
  13. If You need to buy Knudson C now- You can try at Duchefa and other TC chemicals distributors, mayby sigma aldrich also have it in offer. It is used for orchids seeds germination (oryginal 1946 formula), it doesn't have ANY iron and vitamins inside, so should be supplemented with MS vitamins, iron, and microelements before use. There is also Morel modification of KC medium- richer one version, containing also NH4+ ions- more widespread in offers, but not especially good to nepenthes ;) But- Morrel modification ALSO should be supplemented with vitamins and microelements, depending on source- it can have iron already inside, or not. We use 1/3 MS as a "gold standard"- everything grows well on it. 1/4MS starts to be too poor in phosphorus, 1/2 MS have too high NH4 concentration, and is reccomeneded only to "true" lowlanders. If You want to try with Knudson C- not important what version- we can prepare it at for order, but there will be 2 stock solutions to mix [due to suphlates and phosphorates precipitation in single one 10,0 stock] Greetings Witek
  14. Knudson is not the best choose for heliamphoras, 1/3 MS is better. With nepenthes- everything depends on species, 1/2- to 1/4 MS also works good. Lowlanders can tolerate higher salts concentrations. Greetings Witek
  15. Hello ;) I want to say You, that we are now also on FACEBOOK. You can keep an eye on new plants and products directly from Your facebook profile. If You don't like FB- of course You can use normally our website: and join our newsletter, but some exclusive photos will be published only on FB ;) Moreover- for everybody who "likes us" we give 5% discount ;) All details on our wall. Greetings Witek