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  1. lucien01700, Great looking plants! Congratulations! Giovanni
  2. Enrico, Complimenti ottimo lavoro! Compliments on a great job! Giovanni
  3. dionea71, Penso che sia D. stelliflora. I think it's D. stelliflora. Giovanni
  4. Hi Heather, Excellent post! You bring up some very good issues about various clones growing under the same name. This is a picture of my 'Green Dragon' and as you can see, right now it is looking very much like a 'Red Dragon'. I purchased it from a very repeatable source here in the USA and they assured me that it is a 'Green Dragon'. I believe them but still have a little bit of doubt. Giovanni
  5. Hi Amar, Yes, it is very interesting and out of eight flower stalks, "Fang" has been the only one to strike. I'm hoping for more strikes around the base of the stalk, like your plants, as I'm not sure what to do with my "Fang" once it gets much bigger. Giovanni
  6. Thank you for the great information everyone! I was able to get several new growth points(strikes) on the top and sides of my "Fang" flower stalk. Sorry for the poor picture quality. Giovanni
  7. Hi Georgia, You're very welcomed! Please let us know how it turns out, Giovanni
  8. Hi Georgia, You can also obtain more plants by cutting the flower stalk at its base and replanting it in the same upright position that it is growing. I like to plant mine, next to the mother plant to avoid confusion, in peat moss and keep it fairly moist. Once you have planted your flower stalk it should take 4 to 6 weeks and if you are lucky enough to get a strike, you should have a bunch of plantlets growing where it touches the soil. Remember that the more light and warmth the cutting receives, the quicker it will develop. I hope this helps, Giovanni
  9. Cedric, Thank you, I realy enjoyed your pictures. Giovanni
  10. Heather, You're welcomed! It is the least I can do considering all the help that you have given me with being a moderator myself on flytrapcare. I will let you know the progress of the flower stalk cutting and have a great weekend! Giovanni
  11. Hi Heather, Thank you the advice on the flower stalk and I will definitely let it grow first in-order to have more material to work with. Yes, ARPC is a BCP clone that originated from their breeding program. It is unique because of its robust semi compact growth, blood-red traps, red teeth, and sometimes a red line outside of its traps. If you're interested, I can definatly provide you with one when I'm back in Italy. Thank you again for your great advice, Giovanni
  12. Hi Heather, Thank you so much for the kind words. I just noticed a flower stalk growing from my 'B52' and plan to plant it. Hopefully I will have a whole bunch of baby 'B52s' one day. I can't wait to see some pictures of your plants especially "Purple Giant" and "Giant Peach." Giovanni
  13. These are some pictures that I took over the week. This is Holland Red with a typical. Both plants were planted at the same time and same growing conditions. Interesting how the typical is much larger and flowering. Holland Red again. Baby B52. I'm hoping for 2 inch traps. Green Dragon one of my all time favorites. ARPC this cultivar was very hard to get.