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  1. Nice looking bog! i like the bit of rock and drift wood addition
  2. I got the book today (in US).... looks great!.... just gotta take it home and read it now!
  3. Nice work... you'll think you have plenty of room... keep adding to your collection.... and then one day it will be packed! Post away once spring gets here. From my side of pond... I have ended up using small clamps to hold my winter cover sheets onto my pvc frame. The winter winds would sometimes rip the covers off that I had held down with rocks.... and I had to go running out in the cold to cover them back up. Not much fun. Also.... To concur with Pirate Radio DJ... my NZ spag... though apparently sterilized... always gets portions that green back up and starts growing like normal.
  4. Ha... I actually traveled to London and then up to Manchester and Hull for work... and I did get into a conversation about weather and how snow stops everything... good laughs.
  5. I have coworker that are in New Jersey and Manhattan. The New Jersey people got 24" (61cm) .... but after a day or so the roads were cleared and able to be driving on fine. The ones in the city said that they are using loaders to dump the snow into the surrounding rivers since there is no place to just pile it up and let it melt down. Fun times!
  6. They just had a news article mentioning the same thing as Manders just posted... except in the US. I high percentage of people have air-conditioning in the mosquito region and that will limit it being an issue. So just as yellow fever and dengue haven't been I large issue... this will as well. (hopefully!)
  7. Do you have any pictures of your outdoor smurf? I guess I spoke to soon.... I have several smaller plants that are "Smurf" x flava... this one is the first to produce adult pitchers and it's quite the smurf. I don't see any flava in it all though... so maybe I messed up the pollination part. The others are still producing juvenile pitchers.... 2 are upright... and 2 are prostrate. So hopefully the will get the funky gene expressed in some form. I will have to keep the blooms this spring on the parent "smurf" and try some other combinations.
  8. well it doesn't look like the mutation carries on to the immediate offspring. Here's a selfed "smurf"..... i only got one to germinate. Here's a Flava x "smurf"
  9. I got two blooms on mine last spring. As others have posted, they are a bit odd by having six petals. I selfed one and then crossed the other with a flava. I also pollinated the flava bloom. I only got 3-4 viable seeds from the selfed. The crossed blooms set decently. The few others in the US that I could find with a "smurf" either didn't get viable seed or they lost the lot to mold during germination. I figured I ask on this forum since it originated at Carniflora.
  10. Has anyone selfed or crossed any Sarrs with a purp "smurf"? Wondering if the mutation holds to the next generation.