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  1. The weather probably is a deciding factor. Normally I cut off all the flower stalks from my VFT and I always put the stalks in the pot. Many of them though not all of them throw up new plants this way. Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9505 met Tapatalk
  2. I didn't so anything at all. It is all the plant its doing. I just found them like this and took pictures. :-) Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9505 met Tapatalk
  3. I'll shorthand write the name on labels. It is indeed a very long name to write but parentage info is always interesting with hybrids. Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9505 met Tapatalk
  4. This is one of my first hybrids that I made. I am quite proud of it actually. It already colored up very dark. The shade pictures don't do the color justice. The pictures in the sun however do. My other dark colored sarracenia are still not at their full level of redness. Since it is a hybrid between alata Red Lid Perry Co, MS, Phil Wilson A18 and flava var. atropurpurea Blackwater State Forest. Am I correct to label it an x alava then or what is the correct name for a hybrid like this?
  5. and put them in the soil to get new plantcuttings ... It happens automatically sometimes.
  6. Very ingenious system that is. Great work Reinier. I always like to be in "construction mode". Whenever you are finished with your project you can sit back and watch at the great thing that you have build yourself. I am sure your selfwatering project is one of a kind and will probably inspire some people to work out something similar. Again great job!
  7. Welcome to CPUK Atomium. If you need any help you can contact me ;) Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9505 met Tapatalk
  8. What happend to this site? I've been trying it the last few weeks but it is down. Anybody knows what happend?
  9. Before the winter is possible but best is to wait untill a bit before spring.
  10. Some of them seems to have grown very big already. Nice job snowwy. I wish some of mine were already that big.
  11. Veek

    My T-Rex

    Finally the first pictures of the T-rex clone have been posted thanks Harro great job.
  12. The only way to know you've got the real deal. Tracing it back ain't easy sometimes but it is worth the trouble.
  13. This small bit in Marcel's answer was very informative for me. I didn't know it before that the registration is only to prevent 2 plants having the same name.
  14. A lot of replys since my last visit with many things to read. I don't know where to start with replying. True and true we need some rules and I hope we can work some rules out together as a group. Up until now I'd love to see the following rules being laid down: 1. Stability off course and like Phil said being tested over the course of years so you know for sure it ain't a freak occurence. 2. Description: A decent description about the plant and its characteristics and like Carl mentioned a description about "my growing conditions" 3. Maybe this is a part of the stability test but the plant should be grown with several growers to see wether it keeps the characteristics also under their conditions. If people of the ICPS like Marcel read this topic and they are willing to chip in or can help us with maybe changing the way people can register cultivar. Please do so and help out here.
  15. About one year later ... what are the results in your wood pulp product? I'd love to see the results.
  16. You seem to have some good succes with the leafcuttings in water. It has been a while that I tried to to it since after potting up my plants always died. Not one survived. How did you pot them up? Did you just wait until they got small roots like in the picture or did you let them grow a bit more? When I potted mine they always had longer roots maybe that is the mistake I made.
  17. I talked to Dimitar before and what I've learned didn't made me very happy. Dimitar and John both don't want to come back to the forum. Both are also considering just completly stopping with the hobby. I cannot say about John with 100% certainty but I heard he already sold some stuff and is getting offers on his VFT and sarra's. Dimitar is still deciding what to do which is a difficult decision to make. If you like growing CP's like most of us do here then making the decision of stopping must be a very difficult one to make but I do respect their choice though it saddens me. To bad that this topic turned out to a loss to the CP community. I do hope people will change their mind and decide to further participate in this forum. One thing is obvious that concerning Cephalotus cultivars there is a lot of discussion which might be worth to further debate. Maybe we should move this discuccion instead of only discussing EB in particular to discussing Cephalotus cultivars in general. From what I've read before I particularly like this: I think this is a good ground rule for cultivars since people buy a cultivar to get a plant with certain traits. For a VFT plant it is very easy to get certain traits and remain to have them with different growers under different circumstances. With Cephalotus things aren't quite the same. Cephs are to "changy" as to show the same characteristics over and over again. I got plants from the same clone growing side to side with differences in coloration and shape. So maybe Cephs aren't worthy of cultivar status at all. You can get named clones because people like to have a particular plant but a named clone shouldn't necessarily be a cultivar in my opinion. Off all these registered ceph cultivars: Cephalotus 'Clayton's T Rex' Cephalotus 'Donna's Destiny' Cephalotus 'Eden Black' Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant' Cephalotus 'Jason's Arks' Cephalotus 'Tina's Hallelujah Trumpets' Which of these are really stable and proved to be stable? I am from the opinion that Ceph are to difficult to keep showing certain characteristics to be registered as cultivars and they should just be named clones. I hope I opened up a healthy discussion here without targetting people in particular. Just a discussion about wether or not Cephs could have a cultivar status and what should be the ground rules (in our opinion) before they could be granted the cultivar status.
  18. I just like to add that I have 2 rather large Cephalotus plants from Carniflora which I've picked up in 2008. They make pitchers from 4cm+ no problem. There ain't no secret ... it is just growing them the right way and for a long enough time (and a bit of genetics) then you'll probably get large pitchers. Or buy a giant clone.
  19. Veek

    Anybody an idea?

    I promise next year I'll snap some pics with the complete flower so maybe that one will have some pointers in it. I know my oreo's are making phyllodia now this plant I didn't check yet.
  20. My condolences and rip. His name will live on in this forum and probably on many other places in the world.
  21. Veek

    Anybody an idea?

    Ok then I know what I have to do. Take some pics of the phyllodiae and the flower next year and upload them here but I know we'll never be sure.
  22. Veek

    VFT cuttings

    So this was a not completly formed trap if I understand you right? Did it develop much quicker then a fully developped trap? Did you pinch off the trap or did you leave it one? Not to deep, I'll remember that. :-)
  23. Veek

    VFT cuttings

    I've had times that the LFS outgrew everything so I couldn't see the original leaf anymore so I just waited an extra month or so and then started searching through the spaghnum and found some small plants. I didn't find anything of the original leaf only the small plants. In your experience does it matter what time you take the pullings? Spring, summer, autumn?
  24. Veek

    VFT cuttings

    Hi guys, I want some input from you all. I am fairly good with leafcuttings from Cephalotus but the ones I take from VFT's got a very low strike rate. I cannot figure out why. I tried many things already. Most of it comes doing to pulling a leaf from the outside of the plant with as much rhizome as possible and then laying it flat on the substrate (peat/perlite or peat/perlite topped with LFS) burying the rhizome in the substrate. But low succes rate. Would it help if I cut off the trap itself? Up untill I left it but I started thinking maybe the trap consumes to much energy but on the other hand it helps with photosynthesis. Would it help to put the pot in a ziplockbag? Would it help if I used rooting powder? What else could I do to increase my chances? Regards, Veek