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  1. Another interesting plant! Very nice
  2. Sounds like fungus gnats. They are not a problem
  3. That's a funny looking one! And another flytrap to add to my wish list
  4. I was wondering the same thing! Did I do or say something to upset someone? I think having a beer is a good idea. Going to get one right now, in fact
  5. LOL, who are you? It's not a lie, just a name for a plant. And it's not even my name. It's the name given the plant by the person who grew it from seed (Eric Morrow).
  6. Spotty does not have normal teeth. It's teeth are also shorter. See photos I posted of my Spotty flytrap here: http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/spotty-a-variegated-flytrap-t23831.html#p205377
  7. Yes, people on the FlytrapCare forum also requested this. I'll get some of my other red varieties out and photograph them side by side with "EM Black Traps" (name is tentative, by the way) to compare.
  8. Good to know Antoine!
  9. It's the Wacky Traps that's currently in circulation. The lack of coloration may be due to size or the time of year. Larger plants seem to color less intensely than smaller plants and color is more intense late in the season.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out Trev. Since the plant is not one I selected nor named, I'll defer to Eric to let him choose the name. I'll let him know about this plant already circulating under that name. Perhaps he'll just add his initials to the name and make it "EM Black Traps". Thanks for your honest feedback. For me, this is the darkest, most anthocyanin laden plant I've ever grown, and I grow lots and lots of flytraps. Having always been particularly fond of red-leafed flytraps, I grow all of them I can acquire. And I've propagated thousands of red-leafed flytraps of at least 12 different varieties and have observed those plants for multiple seasons. I can safely say that this plant is the darkest (blackest) plant I've ever grown. The only plant that comes close to it is DC All Red. And remember, this is still late spring/early summer. Flytraps get much more colorful late in the summer and into the fall, so I expect this plant to be much darker later in the growing season. So although it's not a plant I personally selected nor named, I personally think it's a great plant and worthy of the name "Black Traps". And I plan to propagate it and offer it to the community of Dionaea enthusiasts. If someone doesn't like it or doesn't find it unique enough or thinks the name is inaccurate, they're not required to grow it :)
  11. Those traps just seem to show up sometimes in the spring. Not sure what causes them. Abnormal traps aren't unusual at all in the spring and early summer.
  12. FlytrapCare forum member Dionae (Eric) graciously sent me a division of this really nice plant last year (I think?). It is the darkest, reddest flytrap I've ever seen! And the name "Black Traps", coined by Dionae, is certainly appropriate. The traps are completely burgundy in good light. And the leaves only show a bit of green soon after they emerge and also turn completely dark red in strong sunlight, as evidenced by the photos.
  13. I wanted to post a few photos of my mother Wacky Traps plant so that people had some idea how large this freak plant can get with good care and time. This is the largest one I've ever seen first hand or in photos!
  14. This plant was started from seed a long time ago. I've been evaluating it for the last couple of years and it has really impressed me. I finally decided to give it a name! I have been informally calling it "Short-toothed Red Giant" but that name is long and cumbersome. So I decided to name it based on its highly arched traps instead of its coloration and teeth :) FTS Archangel is a red-leafed flytrap, though it has extremely varied coloration with lots of shades of yellows, greens and reds, with short to medium-length marginal spines (teeth). It grows upright in the spring and summer, but it's leaves rarely exceed 2 or 3 inches in length, making it a sturdy flytrap. It can produce traps that are quite large on the shorter than normal leaves, which creates an interesting look. Let me present to you, making its public appearance for the first time here in this thread....duh, duh, duh FTS Archangel
  15. I received a few small divisions of Dionaea 'Cheerleader' from David Conner in a trade this spring. They have finally settled in and appear to be growing happily. I have to admit that I get a big laugh out of this plant's unique traps! This plant has also circulated under the name "Pom Pom" and "Hedgehog". I have heard of this plant since I started the hobby many years ago, but I didn't know of anyone who actually grew one. I thought that I'd never get one of these and am extremely grateful to David Conner for sending me some! Something else I've noted about the plant: it seems to be missing pigmentation from time to time in its leaves and traps. The missing pigmentation doesn't seems completely random. Very interesting! I think that the missing pigmentation feature is very cool, but I absolutely love the little "Pom Pom" traps! So awesome!!!
  16. Thought I'd post a couple more photos of the plant during the growing season. I have been growing the plant for a couple of seasons now and it seems that it produces different traps throughout the growing season. As can be seen in the photos above, the winter traps hug the ground and have almost no marginal spines. As the spring traps emerge, they appear to have some small marginal spines and a very odd-shape. See the below photos: Something else of interest to note is that Booman's Mutant seems to somewhat predictably produce the tri-lobed traps. Each of the divisions I have produced one this spring and I recall a couple being produced last year as well. Very cool!
  17. Those are some very interesting looking cilia! Never seen anything like it!
  18. Very nice start to your collection!
  19. I hope to get Booman's Mutant propagating this year, so maybe you can have it by next year :)
  20. Very nice Maiden! I wish I still had mine. It didn't last long after I got it, just a few days, never recovering from shipping shock
  21. Wonderful! I love seeing that FTS Lunatic Fringe over there in France in your collection :)
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