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  1. I don't know yet. This is the first plant I've taken out of TC. Once it gets established and grows functional traps (traps in TC aren't normally functional in the normal way), I'll check them out to see if they work. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  2. I chuckled to myself when I came up with this name while lying in bed one night unable to sleep due to the pain of my recent bike wreck. FTS Evil Puppy -- what an oxymoron! Puppies are so cute and cuddly, how could they possibly be evil? If they are the spawn of a Werewolf Venus flytrap, I think that may qualify! I'm really just calling dibs on the name at this point because I haven't chosen the actual seedling that will receive the name. Last winter, I sowed approximately 35 Werewolf seeds I obtained from a friend in Europe. Out of the 35, 13 of them look like the parent plant in some way. I'm going to grow them all out and then choose the most interesting one and name it: FTS Evil Puppy Below are some photos of the leading candidate for the name as I took it out of tissue culture. It was the largest and most vigorous seedling in TC. I'm hoping this translates to life in soil and I'm also hoping for some nice coloration, as Werewolf is mostly green. Several of the seedlings look like they may have better coloration than this one, so another plant could easily end up with this name. In any case, here are some photos of the leading candidate to receive the name "FTS Evil Puppy": I'm pretty excited about this little guy
  3. I'm long overdue in posting these photos! Main photo album here with lots of photos not in this thread: Matt's photos of Wilmington and Croatan wild flytraps and other carnivorous plants This spring I made a trip out east to swim in a USMS national Championship open water swim in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From there I planned to drive east to North Carolina and visit Wilmington and Croatan National Forest to see flytraps in the wild! These are a few photos from the portion of the trip from Wilmington to Croatan NF. Me in downtown Wilmington under the metal and glass Venus flytrap statue: From Wilmington, it was a couple hour drive or so up to the Croatan. Joel Garner, of JoelsCarnivorousPlants, who now lives in Wilmington, came along with me for the ride. I'm sure there were better spots, as I've seen some other photos with impressive stands of VFTs, but this one was very satisfactory in my opinion! A photo of the general area where we found the most flytraps and other plants. Some Sarracenia flava. These guys were pretty hard to spot sometimes as the area had grown pretty thick around them. Pinguicula lutea Drosera spatulata (I think?) Sarracenia purpurea - these guys were growing in live sphagnum very close to the water's edge or in water. And finally...LOTS and lots of Venus flytraps! Venus flytrap with an already digested meal. Open flytrap flowers! I'm not sure why, but a dozer of some sort had gone through and dug trenches right through some carnivorous plants, including lots of Sarracenia and flytraps. Here's a flytrap hanging on the edge of where the ditch was cut, getting lots of sun and looking healthy! Probably the largest wild flytrap we saw, with traps well over an inch: And, much to my surprise, a lot of the flytraps were actually growing well in live sphagnum: http://www.flytrapcare.com/images/originalphotos/62/941/6b5066af1ddec32e45677c7d.jpg http://www.flytrapcare.com/images/originalphotos/62/941/a77f1654999137de391f09ee.jpg http://www.flytrapcare.com/images/originalphotos/62/941/569ee7462c09598f1f596fef.jpg http://www.flytrapcare.com/images/originalphotos/62/941/03e711e51594274218ef421d.jpg The largest patch of flytraps we saw. A bunch of really healthy specimens mostly growing in live sphagnum: http://www.flytrapcare.com/images/originalphotos/62/941/5602eb3e1183403226ba90fd.jpg http://www.flytrapcare.com/images/originalphotos/62/941/491e9381b2b3978a94d78793.jpg Me with the find! http://www.flytrapcare.com/images/originalphotos/62/941/eb2cf386e3d4979932c7dbd9.jpg One thing that I was kind of surprised by was how small wild flytraps are. The vast majority of the wild flytraps we saw would be what we (FlytrapStore) consider "starter" or "young" sized plants. I guess they can just grow larger in cultivation than in the wild. It was definitely worth the trip out there and I'm very happy to have finally seen wild Venus flytraps!
  4. Really like the looks of these short toothed flytraps
  5. Very neat looking plant!
  6. I love this freaky little flytrap from Korea
  7. I really like that plant! Thanks for the photos everyone.
  8. Wonderful plants as usual Lucien!
  9. Nice photos! I really like the look of this plant. Gonna have to track one down eventually!
  10. There is definitely some fusing going on there. It doesn't appear to be quite as pronounced as the fusing on Fused Tooth this time of year, but if the plant was in a nursery and recently out of TC, it might not yet be in sync with the growing season. Grow it a year or two and see what you've really got!
  11. Wonderful variety and color there Massacror! Gorgeous plants
  12. Doesn't look to me to be pest damage. Just one of "those things" I think
  13. I love those two headed traps. I can't wait until someone finds a plant that reliably produces them all year
  14. I agree with Trev that looks like a Sawtooth to me. At least it appears to be the same Sawtooth clone which is in distribution here in the United States.
  15. First two photos from German and Dutch sources look like Bohemian Garnet to me. Last photo definitely looks like the real 'Red Piranha'.
  16. Very nice looking baby flytraps! Hope that there is something interesting and stable in the bunch.
  17. Just a few photos there! The plants look great. Thanks for sharing
  18. I like it! I too will take it off your hands if you don't want it
  19. Venus fly trap seeds store very well in a fridge. Just keep them in a container where they'll stay dry and germination rate can be preserved at a high level for quite some time.
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