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  1. Looks very promising Antoine! I can't wait to grow one!
  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that isn't a Fuzzy Tooth. It's a very nice plant though!
  3. They can withstand temperatures in the 100s without too many problems. But if it's very hot and very dry, the leaves and traps will brown around the edges and show other signs of stress. In climates such as yours, it's best to give them full sunlight during the morning hours and then when temperatures start creeping above 95°F or so, put them under a 40%-60% shade cloth or in dappled sunlight under a tree.
  4. I've allowed plants to stay on a flower stalk for a very long time to see how long they'd last. They'll eventually die, but in the few cases I've done it, it took months. And the plants started putting down roots (in the air) before they died. But you can snip off the flower stalks and plant the flower stalk plantlets at any time and they'll take root. Long fiber sphagnum is better than peat for allowing them to root.
  5. I can totally empathize with your friend BobZ, and with you GazCez. Being in the service industry is extremely challenging at times. There are people who can really ruin the entire experience with their unnecessarily mean words and cruel actions. Thankfully there are also those who express extreme gratitude for the work we do, which balances out those negative experiences somewhat. But if you truly care about the customers and your business, it's virtually impossible to simply forget and move on from those negative experiences. Sorry to hear about your health problems GazCez. I hope you feel better and I hope that you can return to the hobby as a hobbyist and find the joy of growing again. Matt
  6. I really like it :)
  7. Thanks for the update Tobias! Interesting leaf shape and coloration :)
  8. Wonderful looking flytraps! So cool to see one of my creations (FTS Lunatic Fringe) over there in the EU
  9. Interesting! Another variegated variety!
  10. Interesting! Another variegated variety!
  11. Always a pleasure to look at photos of your wonderful plants Lucien!
  12. Very interesting looking Lucien! Is it stable?
  13. Wonderful looking plants as usual Lucien!
  14. That's what I would do myself because I don't have the patience for feeding small traps. But I've seen people feed blood worms to the very first trap that opened on a baby flytrap. It's just a matter of having patience and some dexterity, I think :)
  15. I've shipped quite a few tubes and flasks from the FlytrapStore International to the EU, so it's definitely over there. You should be able to find it in people's collections. Alternatively, you could order one from the store. I've taken all cultures out of stock until the fall, but I still take private orders by request as I have time.
  16. The rate at which Dionaea seedlings grow can be sped up significantly by feeding them. A forum member at FlytrapCare and at Terrarforums did an experiment and documented growth of seedlings from germination to adulthood in less than a year by regularly feeding them freeze-dried bloodworms. He was kind enough to write the article and allow me to publish it here: http://www.flytrapcare.com/feed-a-venus-fly-trap
  17. Looking good Steve!
  18. Beautiful as usual, Lucien :)
  19. Drosera are easy to deflask. Just put them in your soil of choice (I used peat/perlite/silica sand) and keep the humidity high, either with a dome or a plastic bag over the pot, for two to three weeks and then slowly lower the humidity. Survival rate should be 100% if the plants are deflasked at the appropriate time in their TC cycle.
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