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    My VFT

    You should plant the seeds as soon as the pod dries and cracks open revealing the seeds. You can plant them in the same pot if you wish. That would be fine.
  2. FlytrapCare

    My VFT

    Yes, you can take pollen from the stamen on a flower on the same stalk and touch it to a receptive stigma and it will be pollinated. Or you can even pollinate from stamen on the same flower. You may want to pollinate every day that the stigma is receptive to ensure pollination occurs.
  3. FlytrapCare

    My VFT

    Venus Fly Traps self-pollinate pretty well. Some say that the seed may not be as viable as if it were crossed with a genetically different plant, but you will still get seed. To pollinate, you can just rub 2 flowers together, or take a toothpick and gather pollen from the stamen and touch it to the stigma when it is receptive. You can tell the stigma is receptive because it will look fuzzy. You can read more here: Propagation of Venus Fly Traps
  4. So what did the germination rate turn out to be? I sowed some seeds on March 24th and nearly all of them have germinated. I got the seed from the ICPS seed back, so I assume that it was from last fall. My germination rate was pretty good. I got 23 out of about 30 seeds so far. I think germination is pretty much done now (May 5th), but it looks like some of them are still coming up. Steve, how do you transplant the little seedlings when they are so tiny? I read your post, but I didn't really understand how you do it. Do you basically move the seed out once you see that it has started germinating? Or has the little plant already put down roots and then you move it?
  5. FlytrapCare

    SW drawf? help

    It's still early in the season, so most VFTs look tiny right now. Also, as Hugo says, if it is a young plant, it will take a couple years before it reaches full size.
  6. FlytrapCare

    My VFT

    Good luck with pollinating your VFT. I would like to know if you are successful. Did you try burying your flower stalk after you cut it off? I would suggest not cutting of leaves if they are still green. They still perform photosynthesis and provide energy for the plant even if they don't have fully formed traps.
  7. Thanks Wacker. I am honing my photo taking skills as the spring progresses... Thanks Heather!
  8. Thanks! I took a look at your photo thread. I really love the coloration on the 1979 clone. I will have to see if I can get my hands on one of those someday. I also really like that clumping cultivar. The deep red coloration of the traps and how close they grow together is visually appealing to me.
  9. Thanks! I love that photo. It's amazing what things look like up close, huh?
  10. Thanks Rich. I love looking at them. I go over to the terrarium probably a dozen times a day just to look and them and smile
  11. So I put a terrarium together a couple of months ago to raise some CPs from seed. I had to stratify some of the seeds before sowing them, so I put a few of my smallest VFTs in the terrarium to give them a head start on spring. I was amazed at how well they grow in the terrarium. When I put them in there, they were exceptionally small. Now they look almost like adult plants, but they didn't flower this year. I thought I would share a few pictures of my favorite plants. These are just typical VFTs: Thanks for looking! Matt
  12. FlytrapCare

    new growth

    Nice plants. I really like the Akai Ryu leaf....very pretty.
  13. If it's too elaborate, don't worry about it, but I would be very interested in hearing the details of how you got the TC plants started. Do you have a sterile hood? What solution are they in? etc.
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