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  1. Love that second one! I've germinated quite a few Werewolf x Werewolf seedings as well and some of the resulting offspring have been very interesting.
  2. There are a lot of variables to consider when determining how much to water your flytraps. This includes the time of year, the type of soil you're using, the depth of the pots, where you are located, etc. In my experience, flytraps prefer their soil to be just moist, not too wet and never dry. Many growers sit their flytraps in trays of water and that works just fine too. I used to grow that way as well, but have found that the plants can get larger and be healthier if not left standing in water all the time. When using larger pots (20cm deep or more) it's easy to keep the soil moist for quite a few days before having to water and saturate the soil again. That's what we've found works best for us.
  3. FlytrapCare

    The monster

    Very nice! What do open traps look like?
  4. Wonderful looking plants Antoine! I really am glad to see that the FTS Mirror x Mirror isn't disappointing. And that Cheerleader looks great. Also, after seeing yours, I realize I need to add Pacman to my want list! Also Red Micro Teeth -- I've been trying to create a plant like that for a few years now and haven't gotten lucky with my Microdent crosses. And don't forget that I still want one of your AM Medusas!
  5. Like the others, I love the Bloody Nurse and Hellcat! And also the Pom Pom varieties :)
  6. Flytraps can be repotted any time of year without problems. It's easiest on them in the early spring but they recover well from a repot during any season.
  7. Wonderful plants Fabrizio!
  8. You're welcome for the article and everything else on You don't mention how deep the pots are that you are using, but if they are deeper than 25 cm (10 inches), then you can leave them sitting in an inch or so of water and you should get good results. But they would do better if you allow the medium to get "just damp" and then sit the pot in a bowl of water and allow it to soak up as much as it can. Alternatively you can top water until water runs out the bottom of the pot and the media is thoroughly saturated. Then wait for the soil to dry to the point of "just damp" and repeat.
  9. The vast majority of flytrap growers leave plants sitting in water all the time. I did too when I started the hobby. Flytraps can withstand it quite well and grow fine, but for optimal growth (as I stated in that article -- I authored it), keeping the soil just damp, instead of soaking wet, yields the healthiest flytraps. When the soil is too wet, flytraps tend to not develop much of a root system and are more susceptible to disease. If allowed to develop a substantial root system, the maximum size the plant can attain seems to increase. See below for results of flytraps grown in deep pots where the moisture level is kept "just damp": Roots are 30+ cm (12+ inches) long and rhizomes are 4-5 cm (1.5 to 2 inches) wide.
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    A few photos

    Great assortment of freaky flytraps!
  11. I'm one of those who will, and do, like it :-)
  12. Very nice! I too really like the BCP 1, 2 and 3 :)
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    Very nice indeed!
  14. It's just a bit of sunburn on the older traps. The new traps look good and the plant should recover just fine. However, tap water (boiled or not) is not suitable for most carnivorous plants. Best to use demineralized water unless you know for sure that your tap water has very little mineral content. The only way to know that for sure is to buy a TDS meter and test it.
  15. Add me to the list too! I grow several of the variegated varieties now and Scarlatine is by far the best, even better than Spotty, at keeping its variegation in all conditions. It even propagates true-to-type in tissue culture whereas Spotty seems to come out as an all red plant when coming out of TC.