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  1. A gorgeous flytrap for sure!!  But nothing really unusual about it.  It has a normal trap shape and the standard green leaves with red interior traps.  The color is good, but that's not uncommon with plants coming from some of the large-scale producers.  I've seen quite a few plants on shelves that have been very nicely colored up before being shipped.

    That's a very, very nice unnamed flytrap for sure!

  2. Hello fellow Oregonian!!  We live just around the corner from you on I-5 in Ashland!  There really isn't any trick to acclimating flytraps.  They do just fine in most cases being put straight outside.  If you live in a sunny and hot place, which you don't, they should be slowly introduced to sun, but this time of year even that isn't necessary in most places.

    Over on the coast in Winchester Bay, I'd say just put them in a sunny windowsill until this huge storm passes and then try to get them outdoors as often as possible when the weather is above freezing.

    Good luck with the big storm coming tomorrow :)

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  3. I've noticed this can be related to less than ideal care techniques.  If kept too wet in cooler weather or if kept in soil that is degrading, certain plants are more sensitive to these conditions and will struggle.

    What are your growing conditions and techniques?

  4. Hi Thomas!  It looks like you have spider mites on the plant in the first and second photo.  The browning along the edge of the leaf is indicative of mites and those little red dots are them!

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