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  1. But I can sow without heat phase, or any what?
  2. I have now seeds from D. cistiflora - and i wonder whether i can sow them now or whether i have too wait till late summer, or so... can you teach me? (any mood for wait i havnT )
  3. I have an purpurea hybride, too, and i want to know, from which "mother" derive this hairs:- man know it?
  4. Hallo, Christian Klein! You are here?
  5. Yes, yes, yes, with the same shipment i did receive this P. grandiflora i received P. grandiflora x vallisnerifolia too:- Maybe thhhat I or the seller did confuse the labelling... I will ask him!
  6. I bought it in january as a tuber, so there is no before for me... But a malformation were indeed THE explanation:- Tanks!
  7. Hallo! Appear a little like D. spatulata 'Hong Kong'. You got Flower pix?
  8. Hi! Yes, Nectar spoons is the word i didn't know - thanx!
  9. Hallo! Develop your plants nectarins (I mean those little hoods.)?
  10. Try dry! (I didn't soak it til now...)