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  1. So I'm going to Costa Rica sometime during the summer and I was wondering if there were any good places to see some cps there. Also would it be ethical or even possible to collect some seeds of a few plants there? If anyone could help it would be very appreciated. thanks adam
  2. Jeremiah I hope you don't mind me asking but what all did you breed with your rajah?
  3. I use a timer so I doesn't freeze them but cools it all off. I'll try to get some pics soon. Thanks
  4. Hello I have a setup exactly like you described only using a freezer instead. It works really well but you will need a humidifier. I suggest using an ultrasonic humidifier. Also consider a fan. Hopes this helps Adam
  5. so how is this plant doing?
  6. i cant wait until mine flowers. is a little smaller than the main growth of yours. very nice pics as always. adam
  7. i like the jamban alot!!! i hope at least one of mine look like that. i actually like looking at some of the plants in the background. thanks adam
  8. well in the usa we have no pamerida ... so it will be a good thing.
  9. So I have been looking at all of the threads about coffe for neps and basically what i have gotten out all of them is that it give an acidy nitrogen boost to the neps. Then i looked at a few websites and found out that in the pamerida feces the plant absorbs the nitrogen so i was thinking that you could spray it with coffe and it would make them grow even faster or bigger. These are just my thoughts, let me know yours. thanks adam
  10. does it showing dew mean it is happy now?
  11. could it survive on a west facing window were it gets lots of sun in the afternoon. thank adam
  12. its in my grow chamber with my highland neps but the humidity is at about 70% during the day and 75-80% at night but the fan is running about 7 time a day but it is about 3 inches from the lights. thanks. adam
  13. i will be getting a roridula gorgonias soon and i would like to know if it could stand higher hunidity if i made the fan run more? thanks adam