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  1. Good evening,

    One question, i have seen your amazing setup for terrarium.
    I want to a less tech similar system, my problem is that i have 3 terrarium 60x45x45 and i have only a water chiller haliea150a able to cool water to 6ºC (40L max).

    My question is that you use for cooling the water to the tank and the radiator but i wanted to know if you think i can get 14-16ºC at night cooling my isolated terrariums only with radiators (the water conected to them would come from an isolated box with 10-20L is enough at 6ºC). The reason is that if i want to cool directly the water and the radiator i would have to cool 100-140L of water and i dont think i could set that amount of water to  that lower temperature 6-10ºC

    im attaching a schema image and a sample video 

    My setup:


    i wanted to ask you before ask to the community!

    other similar setups:

    Thanks and a happy new year!