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  1. hey karl your plant look awful ^^ (joke inside).
  2. lot of plant in your greenhouse, bravo clap clap clap.
  3. i'm very lol, petoman, fat maniac,brosse a pipe ^^, this topic is EPIC lol. Thank's peterredtraps you make me happy ^^ perhaps you are right and english name is better finally. And we have to wait, we don't know if this plant is stable. j'ai bien ris sur ce topic, merci.
  4. i love drosera zonaria, can you give me his growing conditions? and where i can find one please ? I also love wiki, one guy propos one but i said no lol, i don't know it have this look, if you have one mail me perhaps i can swap it, same for fire mouth, but no rush, it seems little bit similar to biohazard but less spectacular. I'm happy to saw this form because i don't know them thank's a lot for picts, and plant looking great. edit: never saw picts on, have you a problem on this website ? when i go on, i try to see picts but nothing appears.
  5. very beautiful plants, the field of scorpioides is really impressiv, waouw.
  6. oh yeas jack frost , vft frost lol, it seems very similar.
  7. what is jack frost?i don't understand why this name is good for this plant.
  8. tooth brush it's great, but too many cultivar have english name, and this guy is belge, he speak french so for me the better is to give a frenc or belgium name to this plant. i also love it, i hope it stay like that.
  9. Surplus??? impressive big bog garden, i saw some very beautiful sarra in there on this pict i love yellow on left, and one with veins on right. this one is pretty cool in my opinion. Edit: i also love this one
  10. thank's for shots, i like utri. Specially love this one: U. nana From Inhaí.
  11. that great, it's funny, this arrive in spring when plant start to grow, unfortunatly it never make that on all trap. It's always cool to see this.
  12. hi, just some picts took there is 1 hours washed trap (click to enlarge) If someone is interrested i have some available but only for one news beautiful or interesting plant. i'm always looking for news interresting plants and i also have one or two vft ''kayan'' for swap, mp if you have one news interresting plant.