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    Dudley Watts

    Ok, thanks for replying
  2. Dode

    Dudley Watts

    My Ceph Dw has light green leaves and all the rest of me Cephs have dark green leaves. It also does not seem to be thriving the same as the others kept in the same conditions. The only difference I can think of is that it is still in its original substrate as it is a young plant. I have had it for just about a year, it still looks ok apart from what I have mentioned. Is this normal for this clone? Thanks
  3. Can you please stop monkeying about and stick to the topic!
  4. Dode


    I had a forced repot last week due to dropping the plant, not the best way to experiment. Time will tell if they plant survives.
  5. Dode

    Ceph Disaster

    I have a small cutting from before. I'm just disapointed as the plant was doing so well. I will just have to wait and see
  6. Dode

    Ceph Disaster

    I had something similar happen to me, but it was me that dropped an adult plant when moving it. This was a few days ago and all but a couple of pitchers lids have closed. I am not hopeful of it surviving.
  7. Everyone can make their own decision to trade with either or neither of us going forward.
  8. Everyone can make their own decision on your character by your predictable response
  9. Beware of MustangGT, his defintion of a fair swap appears to be differnet from mine George
  10. I am about to receive a Cephalotus cutting which as yet does not have any pitchers. It is currently planted in LFS and I seek advice on the care of the plant. Do I repot into peat mixture in autumn/spring or wait until it starts developing pitchers? How wet do I keep the the LFS in the meantime? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  11. Dode

    Repot or not?

    Thanks for all the advice. I will wait a few months before repotting.
  12. Dode

    Repot or not?

    Should I risk a repot at this time of year?
  13. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I appreciate your advice Thanks
  14. Sorry, would be window sill or unheated greenhouse
  15. Hi I am interesting in adding a Ping to my collection. Suggestions please of easier grown varieties... thanks to those who have PM me as I posted this in the wrong forum. Thanks
  16. I have plenty of new leaves on mine but the pitchers dont form. Any ideas why?
  17. Sorry, Ive got to ask...(TS not LS), what is that an abbreviation of?
  18. Dode

    Garden fleece

    Has anyone used "garden fleece" over the winter. I'm not sure if it would encourage mould as it would restrict air flow
  19. A window sill box I made for some of my vft
  20. Hi I got one today, can anyone identify it for me please
  21. Anyone used Westland horticultural sand?