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  1. A fantastic Capillaris! And those pings are excellent! Very nice.
  2. A few snapshots from today. P. Aphrodite U. Sandersonii A confused D. Glabripes Enjoy! -Johnny
  3. Wow.. just fantastic. I'm not a big Nepenthes grower but I sure do know this is my absolute favorite species of nep. Very nice pictures.
  4. Definitely a good one. The Drosophylum that Michael brought was sweet. Nice pictures, too!
  5. No, this one was from Cook's, they were having an 'Unknown Fork-Leaved' Special. The one you gave me is dormant(ish) right now, and he's MUCH bigger.
  6. This unknown form of D. Binata has been growing happily in my tropical terrarium for a few years now, with outside winter breaks for dormancy. When I couldn't find a black background after looking for a while, I decided to try using my cat, which was the blackest thing around I could find. It didn't work out so well... But I did eventually find a few pieces of paper. So here are the rest of the pics:
  7. Fantastic! The platypoda shots and close-up of the glands are are my favorite. Sweet.
  8. Very nice plant! The last picture is especially nice.
  9. Wow. Those are very cool, especially the one with a mite inside.
  10. Thanks guys! But unfortunately, I cannot grow plants outside. My house is surrounded by trees and connected to another house on the north side. There isn't a place outside that gets more than a couple (1-2) hours of sunlight, and believe me (I've tried) Drosera don't do well outside my house. It sounds like my best option would be to make a special terrarium specifically designed for tuberous sundews, with a cooler and a short photoperiod. But that might be another project... for now my thirst for Erythrorhiza has been quenched. I think I'll just stick with tropicals for a while.
  11. Hi all, I've always wanted very very much to own a D. Erythrorhiza, and now that California Carnivores is having their dormant tuber sale, this is my chance. However, I'm not sure I'll be able to take care of it for one reason: temperature. My CPs are all grown in one room. This room has no heat, and since I live in California it stays about room about temperature nearly year round. All of the plants are in terrariums (10-gallon tanks with plenty of light and a normal seasonal photoperiod) around the room, and all of those are a little bit above room temperature inside. Pretty much a standa
  12. I just use white posterboard, and tape it to the sides and back of the tanks. I used to use foil, but frankly it looked ugly. I'm no expert but it would be my best guess that foil absorbs less light. If you don't care how the back of the tank looks and just want as much light as possible, I'd go for the foil. But white posterboard seems to work for me just fine too.