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  1. Sorry for your loss Maybe the police thought you were growing plants that where illegal, and cut the power off. Hopefully you will not give up and be back in business soon.
  2. Hi very nice, it works with FireFox 3.5.6 as well. Thanks
  3. Hi Brian, Very nice hybrid. I am glad you made an new hybrid, I think Pinguicula in general are an underrated genus within the Carnivorous plants family. Kind regards, Marcel
  4. Small update. My plant is showing a bushy tree structure. I have seen it on some other photo's.
  5. PH08: laueana "CP2" x P. moranensis var. caudate
  6. Hi, Some nice plants you have there. Although the title is a little bit misleading: Sunshine, some plants needs definitely more sun, like the S. 'Adrian Slack', it is not coloured up like it should be in proper conditions.
  7. Sometimes, only when they don't get enough light. I don't know it anymore, sorry
  8. I have made a very recent photo, just before the frost, from my Darlingtonia, DA02. It has grown enormous comparing with half a year ago
  9. PV19A var. montana , North Carolina,W, (AM) 2003: PV19B var. montana , North Carolina,W, (AM) 2003: PV27 var. venosa.'Belly of Blood' Barry Rice: H47 S x formosa,green, anthocyanin free (psittacina green x minor green ) (AM): H101 S x `Hummer Hammerhead’ (DC): H112 S x `Leah Wilkerson’ (S x moorei), Walton Co, FL.,W, (Brooks Garcia): H138 S leucophylla x oreophila Norman Parker 2004: H147 S x courtii x leucophylla (Sarracenia Nurseries) 2005: Thanks for watching
  10. Hello, As some of you might know, I visited Mikes open day a few weeks ago. It was a very nice weekend, I really enjoyed it, and so did the other 3 Dutch guys. I want to thank Mike again for the hospitality. Enjoy the photo's First some general impressions: Moving on with the plants. L12A Purple & white, giant Autumn pitcher, Deer Park,AL. (W): L18 Large pink lipped,Apalachicola,W,(PW): L19 Purple and white giant form,Route 71,Nr Altha, N.Florida,W,(AH): L50 White top, Baldwin co, AL WS(MS): L58B ‘Hurricane Creek White’, AL BB 2007: M31A Green,
  11. How is this plant doing at the moment? Is it still pretty dark?
  12. It was a very great weekend. Weather was at Saturday good. Photo's are coming soon, I'll skip the photo's from last year, they are still not online Thanks Mike
  13. Hi, I have seen a picture of Sarracenia x "Tina" in "Gardening with Carnivores, Sarracenia pitcherplants in cultivation and in the wild, by Nick Romanowsky". It is on page 46 with this information (with single quotes, but as far as I know it is not officially a cultivar): Sarracenia x 'Tina', possibly an infraspecific hybrid between variants of S. purpurea which do not occur together in the wild, although it may also include some other genes. I found this link on google:
  14. Very very nice and well grown collection of beautiful Nepenthes Thanks for sharing