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  1. Are you sure?? for me is a H. Heterodoxa x Nutans because this plants is high and close, the nectar spoon is little high, different from heterodoxa x minor that is low and wide and the nectar spoon is high and large, deep inside.... This is my heterodoxa x minor : This is my opinion ;-) Max
  2. wonderful plants and nice close pics Dieter!!!
  3. Very nice composition and colors ;-)
  4. wonderful....very very wonderful !!!!!
  5. mmmm nice pics but you are sure that it is Heliamphora Minor??? this is a h.minor: (mobile photo on this topic) they are not equal.....
  6. wow........... your Helis is very beautiful !!! My eyes are blinded by so much beauty my small beauty H. Exapendiculata Chimanta tepui
  7. Hi, this is a second part of my photo: Cephalotus follicularis (diameter 15 - 16cm ) Heliamphora Exappendiculata (Chimanta Tepui) close picture N. Aristolochioides H. Nutans thanks, Max
  8. F88 is very beautiful... do you have 1 little division for me? for swap or sale
  9. The photo 4 and 5 is fantastic!!! strong red, wow!!!! Max
  10. Thanks to everyone for the compliment. The photos of Sarracenia were made in November, now they are at rest... thanks Max
  11. Some pictures of my greenhouse and terrarium : Drosera Falconeri Particular: N. Ampullaria “Angkasa, Irian Jaya” N. Ampullaria “Giant Red”, Sarawak, Borneo For sarramaniacs : S. Leucophylla Red & White (L23 MK) S. Leucophylla Red & White, red lip S. Leucophylla Gulf Breeze,FL (L17 Mk) (I am uncertain between L17 and L20B ) This photo of S. flava Cuprea dating to the end of September, October S. Flava Cuprea ‘Copper top’ (F60MK) S. Alata Black tube (A27MK) S. Rubra ssp. Gulfensis pubescent a very small cutting...very dark. from enry69 thanks Max
  12. troppo belle vecio ;) tienimi un tuberino mi raccomando ;)