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  1. Very fabulous !!! this plants is very fantastic!!!
  2. Sarracenia Purpurea: S.P.V., red, Green Swamp, Brunswick Co., NC S.P.V. Heterophylla S.P.P. extreme dense form (very DENSE ) S.P.V. "Burkei”, Pat Barnes PV9 MK
  3. My favoritre Nepenthes: N. Ampullaria -Angkasa, Irian Jaya N. Ampullaria -Angkasa, Irian Jaya N. Ampullaria - Giant Red”, Sarawak, Borneo N. Ampullaria - Harlequin N. Ampullaria - Harlequin N. Maxima Max
  4. Wow Mike, its a honour you write me!!!! Many thanks
  5. Wow fantastic shot!! very red plants!!!! congratulation
  6. The Flava is the Sarracenia very impressive, but this is the period of fantastic Leucophylla !!!!
  7. A few recent shot of the my sarracenia and other plants S. Alata A30MK S. Alata Deep Red Troth S. Alata All red form, A5MK S. Alata Black tube A27MK S. Alata Black tube A27MK S. Flava Rugelii F18MK S. Jutatip Soper S. Flava Atropurpurea F174MK S. Flava Atropurpurea F27A S. Flava Cuprea F60MK S. Minor M16MK And start with the Leuco!!!! S. Leucophylla, Gulf Breeze L17MK S. Leucophylla, Alba, C. Klain clone S. Leucophylla L20BMK - L17MK S. Leucophylla, White top with fine red veins L34MK S. Leucophylla "Helmut's Delight" S. Leucophylla pink tube, L43MK S. Leucophylla, Red&white L23MK Many thanks Max
  8. thanks for sharing your pics!!!!!
  9. Heliamphora minor: Dionea: 2 Nepenthes: Cepha.....very very very B I G Thanks
  10. Hi my friends, I will show you the pictures of a greenhouse to a my friend, enry69 enry69 sarracenia: continue....
  11. Hi my friends! I show a few shot with my camera :) S. Flava var. Rugelii F18 MK S. Minor var Okefenokensis giant M16 MK S. Flava Maxima F91MK S. Flava Ornata F35MK S. Flava var Rubricorpora F10 andycpuk S. Flava Rubricorpora F122 MK S. Flava Rubricorpora Claret F25D MK S. Flava Rubricorpora Burgundi F26MK S. Flava Ornata F99MK S. Flava Atropurpurea F174 MK S. Alata Black tube A27MK S. Purpurea ssp Venosa Montana S. Purpurea ssp Venosa "burkei”, Pat Barnes PV9 MK S. Purpurea ssp Venosa all red - Green Swamp H. Pulchella Dionea M. Fang Dionea M. Giant peach Dionea M. Crocodile Dionea H15BCP Utricularia Alpina visit my flickr album ;)
  12. m.a.x


    thanks stefano ;) pandalf...you are the best
  13. m.a.x


    Hi people, anybody help me to identify this ping? Flower: Thanks Max
  14. :sun_bespectacled: :wacko1: o my good !!!!!!
  15. Hi friends, yesterday has been a disaster where I dress, in Italy. Started continued finished: F27AMK F27BMK F174MK F26MK SPV heterophylla SPV all red form SPP 6MK Flava interior veined The antihail net has been heavy damaged and it has not supported the weight of the hail... My wife car: :sick: :(