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  1. Fantastic plants Enrico!!!! stunning red tube, Cuprea is real crazy, nice brown color!!!!!!
  2. Really nice Ries, all plants looking good!!
  3. Adrian, wow, but the colour is not at 100%... this summer, post the picture on this summer Paolo Bee piante vecio
  4. .......absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi, this is my Pinguicula Alpina flowered: I have taken the seed in location of Lake Braies, Italy Plant: Flower Macro Flower I hope you like my shot Max
  6. Hi Cedric, Your shot is absolutely fantastic!!! your collection is very impressive!
  7. Fantastic nep, I like very much 5 - 6 shot!
  8. greats experiments!!! I looking very good for "Frangelo best red moorei"
  9. Wow Absolutely fantastic nep !!!!
  10. Many thanks my friends!!! new add: N. Ampullaria “Giant Red”, Sarawak, Borneo N.Dubia N. Talangensis, BE small N. Jacquelinae, Barisan range, BE
  11. QUOTE!!!!! hahahaha!!!!! Beautiful nep
  12. Hi everybody, my small nepenthes: N. Aristolochioides: N. Inermis N. Dubia N. Tenuis N. Truncata, Pasian N. Talangensis (back) N. Flava (front, blurred) thanks Max
  13. Fantastic job my friend!!! is a good start for a beautiful season!!! This is old season (2009) yeah!!!!
  14. Nice shots Laurens! Which camera do you use? reflex or compact?
  15. fantastic Utric flower, wow!!! but.............spider....brrrrr
  16. Nice plants master !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!