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  1. O my god, this pics is absolutely amazing!!!! fantsatic moorei's , leuco's Thanks to share this pics!!!!!! I am very jealous
  2. Wowwwww!!!!! Fantastic moorei!!! *ricordati di me quando le dividi*
  3. Hi people, look my sarracenia, the sun is very intensive in this days and my sarra's enjoy of this S. Flava Rubricorpora Red tube, Holley, FL (F83Mking) S. Leucophylla - red tube, Perdido, Alabama (L49A MKing) S. Leucophylla "Alba" (SL008-C. Klein) S. Purpurea ssp. Venosa, var. montana , North Carolina, W S. Minor - var Okefenokeensis giant (look the "bubbles" white) S. x Lynda Butt (H10Mking) S. Flava – Maxima, beatiful yellow pitchers, Sussex Co. Virginia (PW F64) S. x Moorei (H83 Mking) S. Flava - atropurpurea Marston Exotics (F174 Mking) S. Flava – Ornata, Apalachicola nat. Forest, Liberty Co, FL(F88 MKing) S. Flava - Ornata, Heavily veined form, has a dark splotch of maroon in throat (F122Mking) thanks Max
  4. Looking very good for this season !! Nice plants, very interesting dionaea's
  5. Hi Phil, I have taken this plant from Dennis Balsdon and him have labelled this one "Oreophila, Dekalb County" ... the phyllodia is little and rounded like other oreo's... Boh...
  6. Hi Daniel, This is S. moorei "Adrian Slack" in front, behind is S. Moorei "Leah Wilkerson". I LOVE moorei sarras
  7. Other pics! 2 garden hybrid S. Leucophylla - Pubescent form,Citronelle,AL,W (L38 Mking) S. Oreophila - De kalb County S. Oreophila - very heavy veined S. x Moorei - Pensacola Fields, FL(H123 Mking) S. x Moorei - F2 Pensacola Fields, FL. (H71F Mking) S. Flava - Ornata, Mirimar Beach, FL thanks! Max
  8. Hi folks, the new season starts very well in my new greenhouse!!! Look my photoalbum on flickr for more shot S. Flava – Ornata, Heavy veined (F38 PWilson) S. Flava – Ornata, Heavy veined (F38 PWilson) Flava - rubricorpora Red tube, Apalachicola National forest park. (F19Mking) SXM27 S. x Moorei – `Leah Wilkerson’ Walton Co, FL.,W, (H112,Mking) S. Flava "Goldie" SXM07 S. x Moorei - All red (H61 Mking) S. Flava - atropurpurea All red Blackwater State Forest; Florida (MKing, F27A) S. Flava - rugelii, Giant robust clone (F18 MKing) S. Flava, Prince George Co. Virginia. (PJP FFL04) S. Leucophylla - White Top Green/veined (L20 AC) S. Leucophylla "Ghost" S. x Moorei - Florida, W, (H34 MKing) S. Leucophylla - Titan, seedling Thanks Max
  9. Nice nice nice, I like so much yours sarras!!!
  10. Your greenhouse is a wonderful dream factory!
  11. wow, is a big green pillow Good night flava!!!!!!!!!
  12. wow, this is a very good picture! This sarracenia is very beautiful, please put me in wishlist thanks
  13. Is terrible news this ada! I have one solution for all people with cold problem: send all plant in Italy, it's very sunny place
  14. Add Me!!! Max, I live to Bassano del Grappa, Itlay My growlist in signature ;)
  15. Wow, fantastic collection!!! I look to see D. Gigantea...my favorite tuber D!