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  1. I agree with the fact that sarras do grow to a nice size regardless of pot size.Ive seen the photos that prove this.However that plant may have been in that pot for many years.You might reach the same sized plant a lot quicker in a deeper pot. Square or round?Ive tried both.If im thinking of myself,then its square,perfect for saving vital space in the greenhouse.If im thinking of my plants well-being then its round.This allows moisture to rise up between the pots and raise humidity.Something these plants love.
  2. No actualy,it was a simple mis-spelling of a word- much like your own edits im guessing ; )
  3. Both perlite and silica can be used safely by the end user if water is added first to consolidate the material.
  4. I think most of the health issues with these rocks comes from the dust produced while mining them.Not for the end user potting up a few plants.After all,these products wouldnt be on the market in the first place,if they were going to kill us!
  5. Ive seen one steal the whole fish before!You gotta watch yourself if youve got food! Fawlty towers is just round the corner from me but its only the inside of the building that was used for filming.The outside was from a building elswhere-up north i believe.So you wouldnt recognise it if you drove by it.
  6. Wow! A site where you can buy a phytosanatary certificate,thus enabling you to buy plants from the usa legaly!Your going to make a fortune!Especialy when you branch out to include sarracenias and other cps!Nicely done.
  7. No.It needs to be washed to start with.Then sand-like for dionaea or grit-like for sarracenia.
  8. Yes,its something ive got to do before i die.The idea of hurling myself off a cliff and soaring like a bird realy does it for me,if ive got the guts to actualy go through with it,that is!!lol. Yes vic!,5 minutes walk from hopes nose and meadfoot beach.Directly in front of thatcher rock.My neighbour has a helicopter would you believe!!....poser.lol.I havnt noticed any difference in rain but we do get it very windy here in jan and feb.As the english riviera we tend to get the mildest weather of the entire country but the past couple of years have bucked that trend.I know north view rd and brixh
  9. Yes...i can imagine mantrid! Yes -see views here across the bay.Im directly in front of the island-thatcher rock.
  10. Ive used washed silica sand and grit for my plants for several years with very good results.If your worried about breathing in the dust,simply douse with water before use,as you do perlite.
  11. Add me plz. Gary walls Torquay,devon,tq12ht Sarracenia,dionaea. Hang gliding mantrid,that is something i have always dreamed of doing.Must be an awesome experience.
  12. Joseph,im liking your mix.I too have noticed my plants also prefer a very open,airated mix.
  13. Ive had botrytis before on several plants in my greenhouse.I decided straight away to experiment on them.First off i dunked my sarracenia underwater permanently.My thinking was sarras can survive this treatment -can botrytis?The botrytis disapears quickly but when you finaly bring the sarras out of the water some weeks later it magicaly returns!So yes- it can survive underwater. Next experiment -heat.Sarras can survive burns in the wild- can botrytis?First pull off all the old dead leaf bases until your left with just the crown.Remove the surrounding soil to expose the the crown.If this is br