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  1. huntsmanshorn

    Starter Pinguicula

    P. agnata is one of the easiest house plants I've ever grown.
  2. huntsmanshorn

    Fertilizer for Sarracenia.....

    I grew some S. purpurea seedlings inside and used Osmocote with great results. They grew incredibly fast and after only three years I'm seeing flowers.
  3. huntsmanshorn

    Blooming fantastic

    WOW! Boy, do mine have a ways to go!
  4. huntsmanshorn

    Darlingtonia "stomach' contents . . .

    Very interesting, it makes me wonder what they would trap if there weren't any wasps.
  5. huntsmanshorn

    D.Regia Help

    It's pretty cheap, just a couple of bucks. I usually just spray the mixture on the leaves so it tends to last a long time. Yes, I'm sure that slow release pellets will work just fine. I just like to spray my plants because it give me a more "hands on" kind of feeling. Just my own personal choice.
  6. huntsmanshorn

    D.Regia Help

    Also know as 1/4 teaspoon to one gallon but I thought grams and liters might mean more to some and I wished to be precise.
  7. huntsmanshorn

    D.Regia Help

    I use 1.232230403645 grams of "Peters Specialties" water soluble 30-10-10 orchid fertilizer to 3.78541178 liters of distilled water as either a foliar feeding or by root (but usually foliar) once a week. From seed to seven inch leaves in 9 months.
  8. You could give D. hamiltonii a shot.