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  1. Go for it, i find growing seeds more fun than the more mature plants some times! Andy, the lowii seeds were fantastic, still hoping something may happen with the rajah's! Give it another 15 years and these beauts will start to grow uppers!!
  2. Hi All I have an electric heater in my highland nep greenhouse but I would like to have a back-up heater which does not run off the mains to protect against power failer.Do you have any recommedations? Thanks Alex
  3. I couldn’t resist posting this newly opened pitcher Cheers Alex
  4. Big Pitcher

    N. Rajah

    It's pictures like this that make Nepenthes growing seem so worthwhile! Leo can you disclose where this is, I'd love to see it!? Cheers Alex
  5. Anyway...has this plant ever been sold commercially, I seem to remember Wistuba offering a very few number of seedlings a long long time ago. I hope if becomes more available as it’s such a great plant!
  6. Surely this is a record price for Nepenthes seed, and still one day to go too! I recon they will fetch over £200. Has anyone ever sold Edwardsiana commercially?
  7. I've found the Hamata species very interesting to grow. I currently have 3 clones from Wistuba which seem to grow well in pure sphagnam moss with constant humidity levels between 70-75% and a good source of light (i grow mine in a terrarium under an envirolite). All three are currently growing very well and picturing nicely. I used to have a 'hairy' Hamata and i wish i had Dereks advice regarding the strawberry pot whilst it was alive! The plant just did not like the same set-up as the 'normal' Hamata and unfortuatly died a few months ago (i was gutted). I'm now trying to track another one down and go for a second attempt (any offers welcome!). Cheers Alex
  8. Thanks again- excellent advice as always. Although expensive these are surely good investments in the long run. Hopefully mine will arrive before it gets too cold!
  9. Hi Can anyone recommend a good thermostat for a highland nepenthes greenhouse with a 2kW heater? Thanks Alex
  10. Hi Has anyone tried one of these rain misters for their terrarium? Quite expensive but i'd imagine some Nepenthes would love it? Cheers Alex Link below.
  11. Right- Finally decided to invest in an envirolite 125Watt 6400K blue. I've read some good feedback this forum discussing this light! If you have one are you still happy with it? Cheers Alex
  12. Hi again- Thanks for the advice. Most of the nepenthes were purchased just under a year ago however they are still fairly young, i'm sure/hope they will adapt soon! cheers Alex
  13. Hi all Many of my small nepenthes (eg diata,ephiippiata,spectabalis) are in an indoor terrarium under a couple of grow lights. The terrarium has a humidifier so humidity is usually a constant 80-90% during the day. The night temperature gets down to 60 degrees C (15 dgrees F). I've been away this weekend and noticed the day temperature got to around 85 degrees C( 30 degrees F). I'm thinking this is too high for a highland nepenthes but wondered if anyone has been successfull growing them in temperatures between 85-90 degrees C? I've also noticed some of the plants have formed pictures with very small or no lids (just a black stump!). On top of this my N.rajah keeps growing fairly large leaves which are slightly thinner at the sides so they tend to wither and brown but only at the sides... Has anyone else experienced the same problem with their plants and have some advice to solve this issue? Cheers Alex
  14. Thanks for replying- the lightbulbs are sylvania grolux's and it's about 7 inchs away from it. You're probably right about heatb stress and lowering the night time temperature so i'm going to give that a go, i'll leave the window open over night! I often wonder if it's worth putting it in my outside greenhouse, however i think it's just too risky at the moment with the British weather without a heater! Cheers all Alex
  15. Hi All I own a very large highland N.Truncata which had massive pitchers when i bought it. I put it in my terrarium which has two sylvania grow lights, an altrasonic humidifier and a tub of water with a heater in it to aid humidity. Temperatures reach 78 F (25 C) during the day and fall to 60 F (15 C) at night. The plant is around 7 inches away from the light, and humidity reachs around 70-80% day 50-60% night. I hoped this would be ideal conditions, however it has not pitchered since i purchased it 6 months ago. I'va also noticed the leaves grow slightly smaller. Can anyone help!? Cheers Alex