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  1. Woah, holy crap, thats the thickest flower stalk ive ever seen O_o
  2. Its my first ever sarr, so I just bought it, well, I did have a another sarr, the purple one lol
  3. thats it exacly :) thanks, I was getting worried back there :) I have read that certain bugs can harm a VFT
  4. Ok, I tried to picture one, but couldnt, I gave it to a vft anyway. I just want to make sure, so it is long, and in, maybe 3/4" long, and quite thin, it has 2 bizare hooks on its end, like a pair of pinsors. Its mainly brown. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

    Sarr ID?

    Ok, so here it is £8, not too bad, not sure it its flowered yet. It was only outside for like an hour and it caught some weird giant ant, a wasp and a blue bottle
  6. Nope, havnt repotted. One has divided though.
  7. Hmmm, not that I know of, I cant see any sign of any problems. Thats why I'm confused. Since I've had them, they have been fine, my s.purpurea Randomly died aswell. All of a sudden, just died. So, I'm starting to get a little worried.....
  8. Well, they still seem very small, concidering the crappy "summer" we have had so far, non of my VFTs have sent up a flower stalk. Nor are they anywhere near as big as they were last year. Well, except the year old Red dragon.
  9. So, I'm getting a bit more cockey and think I can handle another ceph. But first, I just wanted to know about the trap sizes and the general healthiness of my current ceph. I have seen the "hummer Giant" and wow, those are big, but on my ceph, its a different story. Take a look It had bigger traps, but I let it dry out a while back and it almost died! But thankfuly its doing well, but the traps are tiny. The biggest leaf is about half an inch long. the biggest trap, in milieters. Which brings me onto my next point, which ceph has big (by big I mean a couple of inches at least) traps?
  10. wow, how the hell do you get pics like that? Amazing, I've never seen a bee up that close before. Thanks 5 stars.
  11. Yeah, the nearest garden centre thats sells them is miles away. I dont drive, (yet) and the busses, well, I dont need to say anything on that I'm sure. But morrisons you say? Mmmmm, I'll look into that :)
  12. Damn, thats a pretty big plant How old is it? P.S I heard the "drool" is safe to taste, is tht true?
  13. Ok, here it is You can see it spiraling in this one And a close up, cause I can So, hows it looking? Close to flowering?


    Ok, so I'm assuming the only way to tell if its male or female is to check the flowers. Well, how often do they flower? I have a N.Sanguinea.......I think, I'll post a pic later. Its about 4 or 5 inches big, actualy semi collapsing, do they have to reach a certain age before flowering?
  15. I actualy got one of these, from nottcuts. It grew really fast in my bedroom, which I kept cool. watered every 3-5 days. it did great, only problem, it died as I left it and did not water, still shed a tear for it every now and then