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  1. Many thanks to all of you for nice words. I hope to put soon further images !
  2. And some Sarracenia, even if the right colour have yet to arrive... S. alata "red lid,long lid, tall plant" [RvL-AL02][RvO-AL05] S. flava var. rubricorpora "Claret" [MK-F25/C] S. flava var. rubricorpora "red form" (N. Carolina) [MK-F89] Sarracenia flava var. ornata "giant, very large pitchers, strong veins" Sarracenia flava var. ornata Sarracenia flava var. ornata/var. rugelii, intergrade [MK-F199] Sarracenia flava var. cuprea (Coppertop x Ornata)"strong veined and good copper lid" S. flava var. cuprea "good copper colour all year" S. x "moorei" (Balsdon) S. × "
  3. A little bit of close up of some Nepenthes: N. albomarginata "red" N. burkei N. copelandii N. glabrata N. gymnamphora N. hirsuta N. rafflesiana "giant 99" N. reinwardtiana N. sanguinea "Black Beauty" N. sanguinea "orange" N. spathulata N. tentaculata N. truncata (lowland) N. ventricosa N. ventricosa "alba" N. vogelii N. x coccinea N. x 'Lady Pauline'
  4. Let's start with some photos ! This is the side of the greenhouse dedicated to Nepenthes. For most of the time it lies in the shadow, but probably the sunshine arrives in some way to the plants, since they're coloured and healty. All together The near side of the garden Here, where the sun is powerful and direct, I've put rubricorpora, heavy veined, black tube and all that requires a full direct sun to be well coloured.
  5. it should be as the S. flava var. ornata/var. rugelii intergrade [F199MK] but I've not receive it with this label, so I call it simply S. var ornata / var. rugelii intergrade
  6. don't tell me what i can't do thanks to all for nice words !
  7. S. alata "black tube" S. alata "nigropurpurea" S. alata "red lid, long lid, tall plant" (AL02, RvL) S. flava var. ornata "giant, very large pitchers, strong veins" (Klein) S. flava var. ornata (Green Swamp, NC) (F58, ip) S. flava var. ornata "rugelii intergrade" S. flava var. ornata "super ornata" (Klein) S. alata "red" x S. flava "atropurpurea" (SX44, cedric) S. moorei x oreophila "green and white clone" (SX28, cedric) S. rubra ssp. jonesii S. rubra ssp. jonesii "ancestral form" RR8 MK (Sheeley Pond, Edmund, Lexington Co., South Carolina (WS) S. rubra ssp.
  8. Dear friends, only today I reach to share with you some pics I've done during summer vacancy in my greenhouse .. .. so of course I don't mean I've passed my holydays in my greenhouse instead than on a sunny beach in the Aegean Sea... !! Have a good trip ! Drosera capensis "red form" Nepenthes albomarginata "green" Nepenthes ampullaria "red" Nepenthes albomarginata "red" Nepenthes ampullaria "green" (Brunei) Nepenthes copelandii (Apo, Mindinao, Philippines) Nepenthes ovata (Gunug Pangulubao, Sumatra) Nepenthes rafflesiana "giant 99" (Brunei) Nepenthes spectabilis
  9. Thank you Andy for sharing it with us !! As the librarian of AIPC Italian CP Society, in front of this book, I can only leave with no words. And as a engraver (instead, I engrave wood) I appreciate those wonderful artworks !
  10. thank you very much to you all for the nice words !! I hope to gratify your eyes with some good pics in the next incoming season ... ... by now, let our plants make a good sleep
  11. thank you very much guys ! Now I've only to wait... and to keep my eyes open on health of my lovable plants there are sleeping
  12. Welcome in my brand new greenhouse !! Finally, since 3 years that I was wishing it, now it's the magic moment ! Now I can sleep quietly and safety, while outside there will come the rain, the snow, the hail, the wind, the grasshoppers, the neighborough's cat, the indiscrete eyes of the curious ones, the cigarette's ash of the man who was living up my flat, the rough sun which burn out my nepenthes (which killed half of my lovely ones last year)... so on, now that is. I am happy to introduce you MY NEW GREENHOUSE !!! Some technical details: Perimeter: 220 x 360 cm Summit height: 235 cm
  13. Very stunning !!! S. oreophila x leucophylla is one of my favourite hybrid ! Thanks for sharing
  14. Here is an update of my setup. PC fan is working all day at minimum voltage - mist maker 10' each hour.
  15. Thank you for your kind answers ! Respect to the photo here linked, I've installed a PC fan working together with the fogger, 10' each hour. I've put gravel on the tray too, but humidity don't seems to grow. I've probably to isolate more all the plants, maybe with plexiglass around them. Lowlander I have are: bical, albomarginata, rafflesiana, truncata, ampullaria, gracilis. All the rest was intermediate / highland I know the better is to divide them, but I'm trying this and I 'd like to know if someone else have maybe tried :)