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  1. Hello, a new year, a new drawing! I'm happy that I "survived" this background... Best regards, Nicole
  2. Thank you very much! @Dieter: Ja, ich geb's ja zu! Ich zeichne Drosera immer noch nicht so gerne, doch durch diese Technik (Zeichnen von invertierten Farben) ist es wesentlich einfacher die Droseratropfen zu zeichnen. ;-) Es immer wieder lustig, wenn man das Foto oder den Scan der Zeichnung in Photoshop am Ende invertiert und es dann plötzlich wieder normal aussieht. (... war gerade zu faul, um auf Englisch zu antworten...)
  3. Thank you! I need 4 - 40 hours for a drawing. It always depends on the drawing (amount of detail). You can find the time in the description of every drawing (e.g. U. campbelliana: 12h; Sarracenia with frog: 8-10h; inverted Drosera: 4,5h).
  4. It's time for a new drawing! :) I hope that you like this inverted drawing. This technique (drawing a negative and invert the colours in Photoshop when it's finished) is very much fun to use. Best regards, Nicole
  5. Thanks a lot! I can't take a look at my old drawings anymore (especially the drawings that I've drawn with the old cheap colored pencils). They are just too bad...
  6. Thank you very much! @Little-Bacchus: Thanks again for the watch! Best regards, Nicole
  7. Thank you very much! I have a few more carnivorous plants on my to-draw-list (you can find the list on my devianART profile page: ). I thought that there was an old thread with my drawings, but I couldn't find it. So here are my old/bad drawings (2007-2008): (these drawings are also in my deviantART gallery) (these drawings are also on my homepage) Best regards, Nicole
  8. Hello, it's been a while since I posted something in the CPUK forum. But I'm back (more or less), because I wanted to share some of my colored pencil drawings! 7 years ago I already drew a few carnivorous plants, but when I began to study I had no time for drawing anymore. In February 2014 I finally decided to start again and drew something! Here are my newest carnivorous plant drawings on deviantART (= largest online art community): I hope you like them! By the way: The thumbnails have a weird white frame, because I use them for my homepage as well and with this the thumbnails look "sorted" in my gallery, because then they all are the same size ... Best regards, Nicole
  9. Hello, very nice pictures! I really like the U. nelumbifolia x nephrophylla! But your "U. uliginosa" looks like U. lateriflora. Best regards, Nicole
  10. Drosera menziesii ssp. menziesii in Western Australia
  11. Nicole

    Carnivorous Plants!

    Some pictures of my plants...
  12. NO! I'm always excited when I see pics of Utrics that I've never seen before! It's nice and a great find, but it also reminds me a little bit of a deformed blanchetii... Best regards, Nicole