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  1. I'll try get down. It's probably my turn to drive...
  2. Ah nice I'll get on it then Manders :)
  3. Ok so I bought this on a whim a while back and I was wondering at what point shall I unflask it? Cheers, Sam
  4. Yeah licenses are only valid at the address you get them for so moving house would mean applying loads of times and the councils make it extremely expensive and awkward to do. They were very grumpy You really need training to safely work with them. Similar to me then with the moving; I've decided no more aquariums or pets until I actually buy a house. Also I have to be really selective about what plants I buy too
  5. Yeah live food sucks, so much easier if you can just either buy your veg from the supermarket or just get a freezer full of frozen food for them. Yeah I had 2, they were quality but I couldn't keep them due to moving house. Moving home regularly doesn't mix well with hobbies like growing cps and keeping strange pets!
  6. Ah nice I do like day geckos. I think after my finaly tokay dies I'll stick to a pet that doesn't require livefood. Tokays are grumpy but defo handleable, you just don't have to make them feel restricted or really stroke them unless you want a bite lol/ The snakes were puff adders.
  7. You could always just pull that bit off at the base and potentially have 2 plants? I'd probably leave it and see what happens myself.
  8. Quick update. This thing has gone insane flowering this year. It's been pretty much non-stop. Still kicking out buds now. I'm getting fed up of my bedroom smelling musty now though so I might cut the rest of the buds off yet
  9. Can't remember it was from somebody on this forum probably 2009/2010 at a guess. No idea if it actually is "black beauty" or whatever but it seems a nice plant anyway
  10. Ok so this was my last remaining Nep from years ago from before I got rid of my original collection of plants. It's been living on my girlfriends mum's kitchen windowsill for some years now. It grows pretty slowly but it seems happy. It's always sticky with dew and it's pretty dark for how much light it gets. It's potted in orchid bark and watered about once a week sometimes less.
  11. Walstad tanks are the way to go. 0 maintenance pretty much. Nice tanks guys. You got any floating plants in there?
  12. Muel

    My T-Rex

    Is that T-Rex hollowed out with substrate inside it? Looks quality either way haha
  13. That's a lot of mantids I used to keep a few different fish tanks too. The last lot were all Walstad method natural tanks but when I was younger I had community tanks but they were a bit like concentration camps for fish as I was a lot less patient back then! I really want to have a nice big planted tank again but when you move around a lot it's a nightmare for keeping anything big
  14. What type do you have? I haven't got any pics of when I kept a few but I had African flower, orchid and double-shield mantids. I intend on getting a nice Idolomantis diabolica at some point in the future as they are stunning!