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  1. I have the plant named as above. Mine is all red - petioles, traps etc and emerges red too. When I looked at the cpphotofinder website I see that there are 3 photos of the clone. Only insektenfang's photo looks like mine, the other two have green petioles and the red on the traps is a different colour. Can anyone shed light on this puzzle. Is mine and inseketfang's the true clone? Here is mine Many thanks Kevan
  2. Kevan

    Ant Fern

    My plant is growing in a bedroom, low of 12 deg C in winter. Only needing low light levels the plant is not in a window, it lives by the fireplace (no fires!), on the floor and about 1.2m from the north east facing sash window. It was tiny when I bought it, about 3cm of rhizome and one small leaf. Now it is 25cm tall and 20cm rhizome, and growing strongly. Not bad for 3 years growth. I will let people know how the cutting process progresses.
  3. Kevan

    Ant Fern

    Thanks Adreas, I will have a go this weekend.
  4. Kevan

    Ant Fern

    Hi All, My ant fern (Lecanopteris mirabilis) is doing rather too well and I would like to propogate some bits fromit. Any suggestions on how to do this? There are several bits of the 'plate' overhanging the pot it is in, they seem to have roots - can I just cut bits off and pot them up? I would post a photo, but I havn't got the hang of this at all! Many thanks Kevan
  5. Hi, i have noticed that some sellers will not ship to Italy. I can't recall seeing why this is so. I have a request for shipping cost to Italy, but don't want to send if there is a problem. Can anyone help? thanks Kevan
  6. Kevan

    D regia

    Good news for once! My D regia bought at Leiden, was doing really well following a bit of a shaky start. Then the winter. The greenhouse was -5 C and the water in the tray and the whole pot were frozen solid for 4 or 5 days. I took the plant to the office where it thawed out and then wilted and blackened and died. Took it home and stood it on the patio - hoping for a miracle. Last week decided to throw it out and was just checking to see if the roots were alive (root cuttings I thought). Anyway to my amazement it had already done its own root cuttings and had two strong growing points! No p
  7. My D regia from the Leiden meeting was very pot bound and only had black ends to its leaves by the time I got it home. I potted it up and within a month it was shooting new leaves of great vigour - hurray! Bad news - it has been very cold in the unheated greenhouse, the water in the D regia tray was frozen and now the healthy fronds have black tips, and all the leaves were drooping badly. I have brought the palnt into the house and the leaves have become rigid and upright, but with black tips. Was it lack of water that caused the problem? I know plants can't utilise frozen water. I it is in
  8. Hi, Has anyone managed to find the website for Stewart's Nepenthes conservation project. I tried the address from CP Newsletter, but nothing doing. Kevan
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. This plant lacks a basal rossette, but I could try to prine I guess. Alternative is to buy a larger tank, which I probably will need to do next year when I retire and can't keep them in the office! The room in which it is kept gets below 20C, down to 16 C. Kevan
  10. My red Ampullaria is getting too big for the tank. I wondered how well it would cope with being in the kitchen windowsill. Gets a bit of sun, but not much. Probably no lower than 12 deg C in winter. At present I have 3 ant ferns growing very well on the adjacent sill. Kevan
  11. I am a bit puzzled and would love some hard information, or even a bit of speculation. I have just bought some D regia seed, 30 of them, and I could have had 60 or even 90. I read that they are failry easy to germinate, store for years in refrigeration, and retain viability. I also read that palnts set seed resonably well. The pictures of root cuttings on this site show how good a method this can be for propagation. Why then are the plants so diffciult to buy? Is it that the deamnd for plants is in millions and production only in thousands? Maybe I will find out why when my seed germinates
  12. Kevan

    access papers

    I found this Doea this work for you too? Can't get full access to the other though. Kevan
  13. I repotted my stongest growing Darlingtonia, pitchers about 20-25cm, because the rhizome with baby plants was popping out of the pot. Mix was 1:1 live spagnum and Perlite, large terracotta pot. Since then it has only produced 2 tiny, tiny pitchers only about 5 cm long. Maybe they don't like being upgraded to large, or is there something you should do to them straight after potting up? Kevan
  14. I got my first Heliamphora 2 years ago. Same hybrid as yours. I grow it in a terrarium in bright daylight, near a window, but away from direct sun, and mist it every day, but max temperature in the daytime is only 29C and night usually lower than 20C. I have had to pot it up once and I think it needs splitting next year. It has very well coloured nectar spoon. I think due to 11 watt compact flourescent lamp I use for 10 hours per day. It has now been joined by 3 other helis and I await another 2. My experience is that the hybrid is a nice easy plant. I talked with a National Collection hold
  15. Hi LJ, I have had the same problem with some of my VFTs, lots of black and a bit of rot. Conventional cultivation says stand in a cm or two of water, are you suggesting just keeping damp year round? I am anxious to try something. I use compost of 1 of peat to 1 of Perlite to 1 of sand and keep them in a minigreenhouse with the sliding doors as open as thy go. Kevan
  16. Kevan

    D regia

    Thanks, OK - I will try it outside on the patio in full sun. A couple of points - does it need to stand in water? How do I keep the humidity up - spraying? Kevan
  17. Kevan

    D regia

    Decided to have a go with Drosophyllum and D. regia and some Heliamphora too. Regia is giving me cause for concern. I recently bought a D regia at Leiden. I had to keep it in the hotel room for 5 days, a bit dark? It was in a small but tall pot, a bit potbound - with the root out of the drainage hole. It is now potted up and started to unfurl two leaves (the original leave went black and I cut them off). One of the new leaves is about 4 cm long but I can see that the very tip of the leaf, which is still uncurling, is black. Is humidity too low, or is it in shock? It is in a bright window in
  18. Mine was doing really badly - weak leaves, no dew and easily rotting. I have it in a terrarium in my office - completley closed up, standing in water, sprayed mon - fri with water, in bright light but out of direct sun and it is now looking really good. Leaves are about 10cm long, covered in glistening dew and about 5 babies growing from the roots. The office temp ranges from 9 to 30 degrees (winter to summer!). Try it in a closed tank - I am sure that's what has made mine so super. Good luck with another one. Kevan
  19. Hi, My two funnel traps had good funnel traps last year, now they are producung ordinary traps of a good colour and with the crinkly petioles. Is this usual? Kevan
  20. Hi , I wouldn't keep it in a terrarium, humidity is much too high. Slowly acclimitiase it to lower humidity levels and keep it a bit drier. I use 2 peat:1 Perlite: 1 sand for compost, which is lighter thna just peat and allows the rorots more air. Cut of the affected bits - the rot just spreads. Hope it recovers. Kevan
  21. Andy, I will post on Monday and let you know postage cost - no charge for compost. Kevan
  22. Many thnaks to Greg for sorting my subscription problem out. I have now received and read three Journals and delclare them to be excellent! Buy with confidence and you will not be disappointed!! Kevan
  23. Andy, How small (volume)? I use an exotic mix with added charcoal - sphagnum, bark, peat, pearlite, nice loose mix. Did anyone mention using tall pots? Kevan
  24. Greg, What a surprise and pleasure to hear from you. I had written off the money and forgoten about the society. I am happy to keep the subscription going and look forward to reading what looks like a very good mag. I have no idea what is happening with Paypal, there isn't any activty showing for payment to your society for any of the past 9 months. So long as you have the money that's fine with me though. Best wishes Kevan
  25. Many thanks all for the tips guys. I use boiled water on the compost when sowing fern spores - for sterilisation, will try the same here. If the stuff swells to 10 times I may have over bought!! I have additional lighting in the office (where I grow nepenthes and heliamphora in a tank). The seeds are ampullaria - 'Hot Lips'. I bought the seed a few weeks ago and have had it in the fridge. We have just returned from holiday and I don't get home from work until after dark - so sowing has to wait for the weeked, when I can get to pots and propogator covers. I must learn how to upload photos