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  1. Saw a couple at a show once, passing a cp stand the guy said oh look i really like those, his wife/gf said ‘cant stand those things’ and he got dragged reluctantly away. Poor sod i thought, time for a new wife, lol.
  2. It should be the same as distilled water, never tried it but should be ok.
  3. Cost in my case is mostly lighting. If you assume about 60W of lighting for a 2-3ft terrarium, its basically 60W x 10 hours x 365 days / 1000 Wh/kWh x 0.15£. Or about 32£ per year. thats in the house, no additional heating, good for orchids, ferns, lowland nepenthes etc...
  4. The only common cp ive found struggles in high temperatures is D. aliceae.
  5. I lost some UK droseras, anglica, rotundifolia, beleziana and intermedia as they were exposed to the wind. Some of the same species survived that were frozen solid. Also some dionaes, binatas and capensis survived outside. We got to about -5 for a few days.
  6. Possibly, it could be something out of the peruvianaum/trapeziforme complex or just a different clone of peruvianum, or just old last years leaves...
  7. Heres my biggest peruvianum plant, im just getting around to adding some crushed limestone especially to the macrophyllum which has never been as good a grower as the peruvianum.
  8. Are you sure its not Adiantum raddianum? I've never seen peruvianum in a UK garden center.
  9. Whether they are lowland/intermediate highland, does not imply a genetic relationship, its purely to do with growing conditions.
  10. Whether they are lowland/intermediate highland, does not imply a genetic relationship, its purely to do with growing conditions.
  11. Well if your sure they are then they could be, some types lack he wings that most have. I’ve had hem germnate after a about 1 year after sowing, thats kept wet and in typical highland conditions.
  12. Looks like cold damage, possibly made worse by being wet but mostly cold damage. I’d give it about a 5% chance of recovery.
  13. Could be intelligent life is an incredibly rare thing in the universe. Space is not exactly full of radio signals.
  14. They can’t ban the sale of peat while we are in the EU or in a transition period where we obey EU rules.
  15. That seems unlikely, anything but the lightest rain would wash any ping leaf clean, ragardless of the raised edges. I think more likely it stops the digestive juices overflowing the leaf and wasting the nutrients (in dry weather).
  16. Growing from seed is a very slow process, why dont you start with a garden centre hybrid?
  17. A prolonged freeze at -10 will kill binata. The issue is probably the roots freezing. If the day temps are warm and frost doesn’t penetrate the entire pot then they will be ok.
  18. It could be it was too cold as well. I had a giant rafflesiana in the house that did well for a few years, in a warm room, but when moved somewhere cooler in a new house it went pretty much like yours. You best bet would be repot in live sphagnum and keep it warm and humid (maybe with a bag), keep the spagh moist and the plant with good light (but not sun if its in a bag). Worth a try but i wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a recovery.
  19. Its dehydrated, root rot is a probable cause, or it dried out and the roots died, one or the other.
  20. Give them abolutely as much light as possible, lack of light causes weak plants and weak plants easily rot. Ideally sun or very bright light and good air movement works well for most highlanders.
  21. Sorry to say i doubt those affected ones will survive, how much light are they getting? It's easy to blame watering but most neps can be stood in water with no problems, however some combination of cold/dark/wet is not good.
  22. You should be able to get gypsum or at least powdered calcium carbonate (reptile keepers often use it as a feed supplement for example).