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  1. Amazing work! Do you have more pictures on the cooling system?
  2. Very nice setup! I'v been thinking about constructing a similar one for some time. How does the thermostat works in your setup, and how do you monitor it?
  3. Lovely plants! I like the concept very much. Are the terrariums custom made? What lightning do you use? Good growing :) /Alfred
  4. Lovely plants! Im curious in your setup, do you use any specific watering method? /Alfred
  5. Fresh N.talangensis will be available in a week i hope.
  6. Thanks for your advises! Seems like the winterstorage ain't that big of a problem then :) I quess I will give them a try next season then. Whats the best place to get hold of some? I read in the other threads it's quite common on ebay. /Alfred
  7. My bad Stephen, I forgot to specify that i meant species from the Amorphophallus genus.
  8. Gubbtjuven

    Winter storage

    Hello, I'v been thinking about giving these plants a try next year. My plan is to keep them in an unheated greenhouse, but how do I do when the winter approach? Are there some hardy species that survive freeze, or must they be kept at warmer temperatures? /Alfred
  9. Are there any cons in travel with off-peak tickets?
  10. I see. Well thats great because it'still much cheaper than when I checked. And It's quite easy to get from T3 to Euston I guess? (I will check your links tomorrow, think the answer is there). Thanks again for your help :)
  11. Thanks again for your advice mobile I arrive at 15.50 T3, seems like theres no busses at that time. Wow, when I used the site It said the ticket cost around 130 £ one-way? Is it best to buy ticket from the computer at home, or at the station? So Euston is the best place to begin the journey to Chester?
  12. Thanks mobile! How far is it from Terminal 3 to London Victoria? Bus seems very price-worthy but not many the works with the planes I travel with. Whats London Euston (sorry for my bad geographic skills ), Is it far from T3 do you think?