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  1. Hi all, I too can confirm that Gus named this clone Edwards Giant. I acquired one from Gus back in June 2011. I asked Gus where he sourced the original plant from and he advised that "The plant comes from a division from Paul Edwards's plant." I have found this cone to be the most vigorous of all my Cephalotus clones and also produces large traps. All my Ceph's are grown under the same conditions. Regards Louis
  2. Just trying to get the size right........but not so straight forward !!!!!
  3. Hi Mark, just wondering who you acquired the Giant from ?
  4. lsternar

    Ceph tub

    Over the last year or so I've taken up growing Disa and Masdevallia orchids and while researching best cultivation methods for these two orchids I found that the preferred growing medium to use with these two unrelated orchids is pure sphagnum moss as it encourages rapid and healthy root growth. BUT the texts advised that while sphagnum has these advantages; the sphagnum must be replaced at the start of the growing season EVERY year as it's benefits start to erode after a season. This has also prompted me to limit the depth of the sphagnum I use when potting up Ceph's as I think sphagn
  5. lsternar

    Ceph tub

    WoW.......that's one very large rhizome!!!!!!! The orange colouration in the rhizome sounds promising and it should come back with a little TLC and a lot of patience with these slow growers.
  6. lsternar

    Ceph tub

    I came across a couple of forums claiming that the Brunnings brand peat moss sold in Bunnings is re-packaged Canadian peat. Do you know whether this is correct and if so could it be used for Ceph's. I'm looking for a close source for Canadian peat moss. In the past my Ceph's were potted in pots (150mm) filled half way from the bottom with a mix of 1:1:1 peat moss, course perlite and pea gravel; and as mentioned previously; the top half of the pot filled with 1:1:1 sphagnum, course perlite and pea gravel. I've now re-potted them in the same way except that rather than having the top mix fil
  7. lsternar

    Ceph tub

    Funny you mentioned this Mark. I had exactly the same problem with the very top layer of sphagnum looking green and healthy while underneath it had gone off colour and slightly smelly. They started growing poorly and I almost lost my Giant !!! Re-potted them all and are now making a come back. The top half of the pot was filled with a 1:1:1 mix of sphagnum, course perlite and pea gravel. Cheers Louis
  8. Very sad to hear this news. Regards Louis
  9. Thanks for the Link, very interesting and helpful. Louis
  10. Very impressive colour !! Well done Sean Cheers Louis
  11. Cold temperatures combined with very bright light defenetly has a lot to do with it.
  12. That could end up being very disappointing if a lot more money was paid for the Hummer's Giant