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  1. Naga A Naga is a God or other powerful entity that takes the form of a snake. The Naga sometimes has multiple heads, including three-headed forms.
  2. Hello Fellow Sarr Lovers- Do any of you folks know anything about this S. 'Garcon Rose'? (besides being expensive). http://www.ebay.com/...=item20d643b4b0 I know the seller says there isn't much info on it, but I thought I'd ask. To all those who reply, thanks. Good Growing, E
  3. Hello Fellow Sarr Heads- Earlier this year, we lost one of the great pioneers in the sarr world, Mr. Bob Hanrahan. Here is a video compiled of pics of sarrs that he took. Grab a bowl of popcorn, pull up a chair and enjoy the wonders of his world. E ps. if this video has been posted before, sorry.
  4. I don't know if this well help, but the packaging looks like this on the USA side: http://www.tindaraorchids.com/images/supplies/maxsea_new.jpg Good Growing, E
  5. Great tutorial their Yann Pictures are worth a thousand words, thanks. Good Growing to you, E
  6. Hiya FILLTHEHOLE- I'm not sure if you can find this product on your side of the pond, but there was a nice long thread here in the states regarding a fertilizing product called "Maxsea". http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthre...ighlight=maxsea Hope it helps. Good Growing, E
  7. Hiya Rachel- Don't know if you started your winter dormancy yet, but here is a very detailed picture dairy of someone placing his CP's into winter dormancy. http://gold.mylargescale.com/Scottychaos/CP/page2.html Boy, mowing everything down seems . . . scary. Hope it helps, E
  8. Hiya Moble and Dicon- The artificial light is actually outside the terrarium and it doesn't raise the internal temp too much, maybe 3 degrees at most. I can't see that temp and humidity would be an issue because it is quite high, which the bicals thrive on (think turkish sauna). On another board, someone suggested that I just slowly add the artificial photoperiod and increase it as the plant adjusts to it. Good Growing, E
  9. Hiya Fellow Nepers- About 6 weeks ago, I acquired a 10" bical. It is being grown in a 50 gal hex terror-ium (yes, I have a greenhouse, just wanna keep it in the living room where I can see it daily ) with a humidity and temp about 90. It is set very near to a southern window which currently gets whatever sun comes out here in the NW (which is about 8 hours a day). I believe its acclimating well, it is almost done throwing out its first leaf for me. But here is the weird thing, so I'm thinking, to supplement its photoperiod with a some artificial light. So I hit it with a 250w CFL grow light
  10. Hiya Jimfoxy- I was able to get a reply from Mr. Hanrahan and he said that photo was indeed taken on his property. The cameraman (David) just used a flash for that shot and it wasn't touched up at all. According to Mr. Hanrahan, the plant ususally looks like that all year. Unfortunately he does not proprigate any of his plants on his property for sale The search goes on. Good Growing, E
  11. Here Ya Go, Jimfoxy. Hope it helps. http://www.generasian.ca/cp_north.html Good Growing, E
  12. Hello Fellow Sarr Peeps- Came across this pic and fell in love with the plant. But I was wondering if it had a more well known name than what came with it . . . "Sarracenia leucophylla, rare red" Would love add this little "poppit" to my collection. Any info would greatly appreciated. http://www.generasian.ca/images/DW_BH_leucophylla_red.jpg Good Growing, E
  13. I know Carow doesn't ship to the USA, but is there anyone in the states lucky enough have his clones? Or have for sale? Thanks, E
  14. Hiya JensB- So, the N. mac with the spike/cog wheel like persitome is from AW and the nicely unfiorm peristome N. mac is from Carow? Thanks, E