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  1. Maybe, if so and they started to produce these in numbers that would be amazing! Does anyone have a picture of one?
  2. Great pics, I like the second one with the little D. Capensis trying to get in the picture. :)
  3. again your plants look marvelous. congrats on the new greenhouse.
  4. great pics, i like how the flowers match the cup. great looking plant!!!
  5. flytrapcody

    Pls help ID

    Second looks like puchella?
  6. You also need to let it have time to adjust to the new conditions, you said you got it 2-3 weeks ago, so that maybe be another reason. But all and all, looks fine to me.
  7. Well actually i havent gotten it yet. But when i do, ill get some pics.
  8. Petite dragon is my favorite "pygmy" vft.
  9. Very impressive. mines only had 3 inch leaves at the biggest.
  10. Wow, thats big, do you have a picture?
  11. First one to me looks like Oreophylla x (flava x rubra) Second looks like it has a lot of leuco, not sure about the second parent. Third maybe leuco x rubra maybe rubra long lid? Probrably wrong, but maybe. Hope this helps, Cody S
  12. Four mice in a little over a year. Siggi... youve got a mouse murderer on your hands lol. Very nice though. Thats an absolutly huge truncata. Thanks for posting. Cody
  13. Stunning! What are you growing them on soil wise?
  14. Thats a lotta flytraps. I dont think ive ever seen a private growers collection of dionaea that big. Very impresive. Cody
  15. Nice pics!!! I sure want to go on a vacation there now. first time ive ever seen a S. Purpurea in the wild. LOL. Thanks for posting!! Cody