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  1. Im curious about the results you'll have. Sounds interesting for a smaller setup. cheers Peter
  2. Very nice photos, I like the Pterostylis coccina most! cheers, Peter
  3. To add to the topic, I think U.longifolia may totally overgrow that alpina in the next months. cheers Peter
  4. Amazing collection, all the plants look gorgeous! The fogger pic looks awesome:) cheers Peter
  5. Stunning flowers, never heard of those before:) I especially like H. zebrina! cheers Toad
  6. The plant is beautiful, looks very healthy:) nice flower! cheers Peter
  7. Gorgeous plants, thanks for the post. Those reddish ones are amazing! cheers Peter
  8. Beautiful collection John:) cheers Peter
  9. Very nice specimen, congratulations on getting it to flower:) Its not that easy. Nice to see people growin those in Poland! cheers Peter
  10. moof


    Nice flowering.
  11. moof

    DSC 0290

    Very nice shot!
  12. Very good photos, I like the U.amethystina a lot! Regards, Peter
  13. Congratulations on getting it to flowers. The flower's color is quite intense! Regards, Peter
  14. Thats a beautiful species. Thanks a lot for this photo! Regards Peter
  15. Beautiful plant, congrats for getting it to flower! Pity that it is so rare in cultivation, it's very hard to get one - I hope this will change in the future though:) Peter
  16. Some great photos, thanks for sharing! It grows in such an incredible place, breathtaking landscapes... Peter
  17. Beautiful and rare species, congrats! What are the conditions you keep it in? Peter
  18. Please keep us updated with the lighting method. I am thinking about LEDs since a long time for a small setup, but I'm not convinced yet;) Peter
  19. The second photo is amazing, the best in situ photos of this species I've seen. Thanks for posting! Peter