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  1. Im curious about the results you'll have. Sounds interesting for a smaller setup. cheers Peter
  2. Very nice photos, I like the Pterostylis coccina most! cheers, Peter
  3. To add to the topic, I think U.longifolia may totally overgrow that alpina in the next months. cheers Peter
  4. Amazing collection, all the plants look gorgeous! The fogger pic looks awesome:) cheers Peter
  5. Stunning flowers, never heard of those before:) I especially like H. zebrina! cheers Toad
  6. The plant is beautiful, looks very healthy:) nice flower! cheers Peter
  7. Gorgeous plants, thanks for the post. Those reddish ones are amazing! cheers Peter
  8. Beautiful collection John:) cheers Peter
  9. Very nice specimen, congratulations on getting it to flower:) Its not that easy. Nice to see people growin those in Poland! cheers Peter
  10. moof


    Nice flowering.
  11. moof

    DSC 0290

    Very nice shot!