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  1. Hi Tjark and welcome to teh forums. Looks like you have a nice collection there! Cheers Steve
  2. Suffice to say water with rain water, flush trays occasionally as the substrate will degrade and release nutrients which is why your TDS is increasing. You shouldn't have too many problems. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Gayl and welcome back to the forums. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi Yakari59 and welcome to the forum! Sarracenia a great choice for a multitude of variation in colour, shape and hybridisation, you cant go wrong. Cheers Steve
  5. Just passing though Fred, just passing through. Cheers Steve
  6. Hello Kaz and welcome to the forums. Yep they certainly are addictive and yep they do tend to empty your wallet. Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Dean and welcome to an absorbing hobby!
  8. Hi AdamJS and welcome. You can indeed learn a lot on this forum, they are a knowledgeable lot. Cheers steve
  9. Hi Levan and welcome to the forums. It sounds like you already know how to grow highland Nepethes, your collection will surely grow. Good luck Steve
  10. Hi BugMagnet and welcome to the forums. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi sandralaurix3 and welcome! Cheers Steve
  12. Welcome aboard lovefool!!! cheers steve
  13. They wont do much growing till next spring, so if you can keep them damp they will be OK, but then they will need repotting, at that size avoid root disturbance as much as possible, so spoon them out onto the top of some wet medium in the new pot. Cheers Steve
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