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  1. Welcome to what is an absorbing hobby Tim. Any information you need can be found here , amongst friendly and helpful experts, so do a bit of research, get your wallet out and watch the quids diminish. Good luck with the allotment and GH Cheers Steve
  2. welcome to the forums Mike Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Paul and welcome aboard! Cheers Steve
  4. Hi Platty It depends really, as most of my plants are outside I tend to do it in spring when the plant is coming out of dormancy so that any root damage, minor wounds etc caused by repotting or relocating are not left open for weeks and months before they can repair/callous over. However like most I have repotted now and other times of the year without many disasters. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi BloodyVince and welcome, once you get started in this hobby it does tend to take over a bit. Good luck in search of the cultivars you seek. Cheers Steve
  6. I have mine in a 12" shallow pot full of live Sphagnum standing in a tray of water 2" deep in summer, just damp in winter and it grows well every year. I have not tried any other medium for this plant. Cheers Steve
  7. Hi RepublicDos and welcome to the forums. If you are up for learning you have come to a great resource. Cheers Steve
  8. Hi TG and welcome to the forums, sounds like you have great conditions for plants, that don,t need dormancy. Cheers Steve
  9. Morning Cap and welcome to the forums. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi wiganddavid and welcome to the forums. I think everyone here started with small collections! Feel free to ask anything you want, there is a wealth of experience and knowledge here that will answer any questions you may have. Cheers Steve
  11. Morning Harry and welcome! Im sure that the other half will grow to love them as much as you do Cheers Steve
  12. HI Eston Villan and welcome to CPUK. It is that sort of hobby I'm afraid, you going to need a lot of space and a fat wallet! Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Jonny_P and welcome, I am a little bit clairvoyant and I can sense a new greenhouse coming to Hampshire in spring Cheers Steve
  14. Seedlings can be fertilised with a weak fertiliser (normally a tenth of the normal plant dosage) by foliar spray or pipette into the pitcher and derive benefit. However I have absolutely no experience with worm casts on CPs so cant advise the dilution required, nor the possible action of the 'beneficial' bacteria in pitchers. The results will be interesting, note the type of Sarracenia fertilised as not all make digestive enzymes. Cheers Steve