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  1. billynomates666

    Getting my first garden soon what type of bog should i do?

    Hi Owen Have a look through some of the old threads in this section there are a lot of different ideas and advice that may take your fancy, a lot depends on how much room you have. or can use. which may be limited by the bogs location with regard to the maximum sunlight you get. Cheers Steve
  2. billynomates666

    Best CPs to grow during winter?

    There is little carnivorous that will grow outside in winter, but it is a good time to plan and make your bog garden ready for spring. There are many types of bog garden, I use an in ground type with as much mass as possible using pool liners, or you can make a frame and have a raised bed, that saves a lot of digging an brings the plants closer to eye level. Once you have them outside all Sarracenia inc Darlingtonia and VFT species will grow outside, though not as well as in a greenhouse. Cheers Steve
  3. billynomates666

    Pitcher plants in pond

    My pond (fish heavy) has a TDS of 200+ so would be totally unsuitable, but other ponds may be OK. test the water before you make a final decision. Cheers Steve
  4. billynomates666

    Hello from the midlands

    Welcome to the forums Omako cheers steve
  5. billynomates666

    Dead Darlingtonia

    Cat litter trays full of Sphagnum are good cheerS Steve
  6. billynomates666

    Minibog trouble

    If they look like they did in your last picture, flushing them will soon have them back on track, repot in spring next year. cheers steve
  7. billynomates666

    Water trays

    The majority of mine have been sitting outside in trays all winter, so have been frozen solid and the water levels have varied with the weather. Unless you have recently put them outside from inside somewhere, I wouldn’t worry. Cheers Steve
  8. billynomates666

    Hi All!

    Hi Niki and welcome!! cheers steve
  9. billynomates666

    Hi everyone

    Hi Steve and welcome. You have joined a great bunch of people with a knowledge base that will be able to answer almost anything’s no you need to know on CPs and Keith is right it becomes very addictive. cheers steve
  10. billynomates666

    Venus fly traps frozen solid

    They should be fine, mineeoutside in the uk and go under 0C with the weather conditions and are fine, it’s the desiccating wind that does more damage. cheers steve
  11. billynomates666

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello and welcome to the forums. cheers steve
  12. billynomates666

    Does anyone keep their sarracenia outside?

    They can take some very low temps (mine have been down to minus 15 in the past) without too much detriment, however it’s frequent freeze thaw cycles that cause problems and freezing temps with desiccating winds effectively freeze drying the plant. Dryer is commonly said to be better than wet, although I have both conditions and the plants have been OK.
  13. billynomates666

    Westland peat moss

    My few local suppliers seem to have changed over to Westland in the last twelve months, presumably there is a financial reason for doing so. Knowing the previous experiences of other growers and indeed myself I asked the question of Westland and got the following reply. So so in theory all is well. Cheers steve
  14. billynomates666

    Hello from Madrid

    Hi Luz and welcome to a great hobby. if you need information on anything, don't be afraid to ask, there are many knowledgable people in the forums who will be happy to help. cheers steve
  15. billynomates666


    Hi Jluis and welcome to CPUK, a great place to learn virtually everything you need to know about carnivorous plants. cheers steve