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  1. Hi Jonny_P and welcome, I am a little bit clairvoyant and I can sense a new greenhouse coming to Hampshire in spring Cheers Steve
  2. Seedlings can be fertilised with a weak fertiliser (normally a tenth of the normal plant dosage) by foliar spray or pipette into the pitcher and derive benefit. However I have absolutely no experience with worm casts on CPs so cant advise the dilution required, nor the possible action of the 'beneficial' bacteria in pitchers. The results will be interesting, note the type of Sarracenia fertilised as not all make digestive enzymes. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Rachelsr and welcome to the wonderful world of CPs, you will find the answer to any question you may have from the growers here. Cheers Steve
  4. Hi Magnus and welcome to the forums Cheers Steve
  5. Looks like an alba, give it a few days in some sun and you will be able to tell. Cheers Steve
  6. Nepenthesman makes a fair point, peat breaks down as the PH raises and tends towards a dust like medium which constricts air movement to the roots. I have successfully revitalised old media by mixing it with pine chips/shavings to add larger spaces for air into the mixture and adding sulphur chips to redress the lost PH, the eventual breakdown of the pine adds tannins and acidity over a longer term than the sulphur. it isn’t as good as new peat but it works for me and as I grow most of my plants outdoors all year, they will not make specimin plants, but are nice enough in my eyes, this way saves money and natural resources, which if you are replacing a bog can be considerable. Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Colin and welcome I hope you have some spare space, you will soon fill it. Cheers Steve
  8. Hi Frederico and welcome!! Cheers Steve
  9. That is indeed the most important thing. Cheers Steve
  10. My understanding is that the original 'Schnells Ghost' rotted before it was propagated, so now we have a number of yellow flowered leuco's is called 'Scnells Ghost' but are not the original or necessarily clones of each other. the official description registered at the ICPS is as below. "This clone has yellow flowers & the pitchers entirely lack red pigment except before they open when flushed with salmon, & when senescing, and intermittentliy & sparsely inside the pitcher a few fine purple veins occur. The lids are 98% white with only a few green veins." Cheers Steve
  11. Hi C Greer and welcome to the forums. Many questions - ask away! I dont think you will find a more knowledgeable bunch on CPs than here. Hope you have a lot of space they do get very addictive. Cheers Steve
  12. Hi cogsred and welcome to the forums. I hope you have some room, CPs are very addictive you know Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Redsarebest and welcome to CPUK. You can get a wealth of advice from some very knowledgeable growers, some of the best in the world. Keeping CPs isnt too difficult if you just do the basics right, I'm sure you will master it quickly. Best of luck and ask anything, there's no such thing as a wrong question. Cheers Steve
  14. Hi Justin and welcome, go and spoil yourself get a couple of plants before spring, you wont regret it. Cheers Steve
  15. Try these useful stuff cheers steve