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  1. Hi Exodus and welcome to the forums. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi Jay and welcome to a wallet emptying hobby!!!!! Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Terry and welcome to the forums. Steve
  4. They do not need terrariums nor high humidity, I would take the lids off to increase ventilaton thereby reducing mould and take the cover off the Capensis pots entirely. Also after 3 years or so I would repot to reinvigourate the medium, that will help the plants, and at the same time loose the terrarium. Put them outside if you have the opportunity to give them all more light. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi Petertrap and welcome!!
  6. A picture would be very useful. Cheers steve
  7. Generally hybrids exhibit the best vigour, although which one is best there are simply so many that I haven't grown I cant tell you. I have many different moorei's that are very vigorous, both named and home made mongrels. Cheers Steve
  8. Hi Hypno and welcome back!
  9. Hi Vince and welcome. Hope you've got some spare space you're going to need it these plants get very addictive. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi Jon and welcome back to the hobby and to the forums. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi Alexandre and welcome to the forums Cheers Steve
  12. Try as I might, I cannot get coir to replicate the results I get from peat for carnivorous plants, no matter what I mix it with.