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  1. OK, so, lets start with some bad news. Anyone rememebr this plant? (s. x stevensii?) Well, it turned out that it had really bad rot, and now this is all that's left (and I don't think the bit on the right will survive - I recently had ot cut the tops off most of the pitchers because they had gone brown with red at the bottom): But now some good stuff. The purpurea hybrid I got at the supermarket has been doing fine, and the VFT too it seems. (purpurea hybrid) (VFT) And my biggest pitcher plants is doing fine. I had a bit of a scare a couple of days ago -it was flopping because I had forgotton to wate rit. But I gave it water and within the day it had recovered. It's sent up a few new pitchers recently - one a little bigger than it's previous bigger one. (s.alata x s.purpurea ssp venosa) The pictures aren't as good as some of the ones I've seen here, but still. Enjoy. BTW click on the pictures to see the full versions.
  2. Thankyou, the picture seems pretty similar. Those flowers are pretty!
  3. Yesterday, my mum's friends gave her a cactus (or possibly a succulent, but it has some spikes, so I think cactus). We don't know what it is, but it has flower buds on. I rememeber a while ago, someone on ehre said that cacti are easier to identify by the flowers. So would it be possible for you to identify the plant below, pretty please? Thankyou!
  4. Ok, kept damp. No it's not Lucky Mc'luck town - complain to your local Morrisons and stage a protest until they start stocking CPs. I think the rest of my family would complain if there was a nepenthes hanging in the bathroom, and there's hardly any flies in there, so no food.
  5. Well, lets hope it flowers! Good, because I haven't put any water in the pitchers - I was afraid it might cause rot. Thanks for your help. I'll label it s.purpurea x ?.
  6. As some of you may know, I recently bought I VFT from Morrsions. I went back today, and after alot of deliberation (mostly between this and a leucphylla hybrid), bought this. As far as I can tell, it is a purpurea hybrid of some type. I guessed this from the shape of the pitchers. I wondered if you could tell me what it is a hybrid of? Also, as it's going into winter, should I fill the pitchers with rainwater, or could that cause rot in the winter? A couple more pictures, close ups of two of the pitchers. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Yup, Morrisons. When I looked in passing at what else they had (I coudln't buy any more as I was leaving) they ahd four more of the VFTs and a sundew. No nepenthes. I couldn't grow one anyway - I don't think I have anywhere humid enough.
  8. Ok, thanks. I'm putting all my plants to dormant in the winter in the porch - it's usually around 5C in there. I'll flush the compost today, in a bit.
  9. Just bought a VFT for £2 in my local supermarket. Decided to post a couple of pictures and ask for advice, including water from top or bottom? It was watered from the top in the supermarket, and I don't think it looks ill, but then again I know nothing about VFTs. So here it is, Cheapy. I can tell it has caught stuff already, and two of the traps are currently xlosed and digesting.
  10. OK, thanks. I'll start when I get back in England. Sorry to the thread starter for kind of hi-jakcing the thread. Didn't mean to.
  11. Ok, thanks. Even the little weedy one I got not too long ago? (see my other thread about id-ing)
  12. I have my sarracenia on the windowsill int he kitchen. The window is open every day, and occasionally through the night, if forgotton. Do they need to be moved outside, or will it be alright to leave them there?
  13. Ok. I was already cutting away the rot, and I check every now and again. I think their is no rot, and I will lower the water levels anyway for winter. Thanks.
  14. It was three pounds, hence the fact it wasn't in very good condition (rot). I check the rhizome for rot every now and again, and am now down to three sparse pots () only one of which ahs a root. Will the others grow roots, and it is ok if the big pitcher I posted for ID is browning form the top down? Or is that v. bad?
  15. I'll grow it anyway, as I've bought it. Maybe it will suprise us all. If not, it will help with learning about splitting and...stuff.
  16. The only pitcher with colour did. Unfourtunatly, that picther is down pretty much dead- it is on one of the sections I think is less likely to survive, as it is the droppy-est. The others are surviving, if not exactly thriving. Is a little browning and drooping normal for recently seperated tissure cultures?
  17. Well, it's been split and repotted. I put two or three seedlings in each pot, because I read somewhere they grow better to begin with if not alone. But I'm worried. When I cut the rhizome, it was white on the outside, but slightly brown inside. I suspected rot but carried on anyway, hoping that because they were split up, they might not die. (weird logic. hmm?) Also, only one of the plants got potted with a root. The others fell off. Is this ok? And if the plants do die from rot, should I tell the place I got them from, and try to 'claim' or something, seeing as the rot didn't come from me? Or at least tell them to check their plants?
  18. Not a dozen plus, but I do have a fairly large rectangle one I was thinking of using. That gives me time to buy/aqquire more pots. I'll repot them tomorrow. Thanks.
  19. This is a good one to find? The rhizome, what I could see (the soil it was in was tightly packed around the bottom) was in clumps. So I should clear all the soild off, and seperate the 'clumps'? Thanks for the IDing.
  20. So just today we were looking round garden centres (actually looking for miniture apple trees, but we were one month early), and in one garden centre, there were pitcher plants. They also sold giant nepenthes, but I don't have the right conditions for them, nor the money. I could afford, though, this pitcher plant. But, unfourtunatly, none of the ones in pots had labels. So I don't know what it is. I have taken a couple of pictures of the only pitcher that has veining, and one of the whole plant. Can someone help ID it, and also tell me whether it needs thinning out, because it's really packed? It was pushing the bottom of the pot I got it in, and overflowing the top (hence the fact I got that one - value for money). I was going to split it, but the rhizome's actually quite small, so I simply repotted it. I know it's quite young, and probably came from tissue culture. But still, can you please try and ID it, and say whether or not it needs thinning? Thanks in advance. Below are thumbnails. Click for the bigger picture. The whole plant ^^ The pitcher with veining ^^vv
  21. Ok. It was jimothy that sold it to me. I'll find him on here, and send him a pm.
  22. Thanks. It seems all hard now. Don't take that out of context.
  23. So, after cutting away all soft parts, this is what's left. Surviveable?
  24. Shall I post a picture of the rhizome?