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    Do I trim?

    So I have two sarracenia that I'm keeping outside: S. Stevensii S. oreophila x purpurea I've grown them outside since I got them in May, and in October I removed their water trays for dormancy and otherwise left them there near a low wall. As I imagine most of you know, temperature-wise we've had a really mild winter. Aside from frost a couple of weeks ago I think, it's not dipped below 0. I went to check on my plants today, and while all the pitchers have actually begun to die back now there's still a lot of colour there from ones that haven't died fully back. Also, there are a lot of holes from something munching on them! I remember reading some time back, years ago back when I got my first one, that you're meant to trim them back when they start to die. Should I move them away so the munching thing can't get them? And should I trim them all down to the base? Thanks!
  2. Welcome to the forum! I hope you have fun with your VFT (venus flytrap) - I really like them, they are babies to me.
  3. I hope so too! It depends how permanently I end up somewhere - I don't want to commit to a growing collection while still at my parent's house (but a few more won't hurt I'm sure... )
  4. Well hello again! I used to be a member on this forum (same account) way back in 2007/2008. I had a bunch of venus flytraps,a sarracenia, and even a nepenthes back then! But then I went to university, and my mum isn't so good at looking after plants that require specific attention (e.g. carnivorous ones) - she's better with things like cacti, and a peace lily. I was at uni for four years (I'm 22 now) and didn't have any carnivorous plants at that time - in my first residence there was no where to keep them, and I moved every year after that, most of which didn't have anywhere good enough for the little carnivores. When I graduated and moved back home, I was initially hoping I would get a job in my field up in Scotland (where I went to uni) and move up there but that doesn't seem to be happening yet. I got myself a new pitcher plant! It's just a little Sarracenia (I don't even know the subspecies/cultivar) from a garden centre, but I am just so happy to have one again, you wouldn't even believe. So I decided to come back here as I remembered you all as very friendly and helpful. Though I can't believe I actually chose 'Username' as my username - I probably though I was so clever 6 years ago : P You can call me Tor. : )
  5. Ok, I'll try and put up photos tomorrow. I can't drive, but what bus could take me to Arbofield? I don't think I need quite 100 litres! Would they do it in smaller sizes? I think I will wait until spring, and get some long scissors. Thanks for the help.
  6. Oh, I thought you were meant to repot when they were dormant. So you are meant to repot when they are wakig up? My avatar is a photo of one of my plants, but from a while ago. It is much more crowded now - the new traps often trigger the old ones and I can't cut all the dead material for sake of not triggering too many live traps. I'm in Reading, but can quite easily get a train to Wargrave (to walk to Hare Hatch). I saw on Googlemaps that there were a bunch of garden centres around there. Do you think I should go anyway and have a look in all of them? Is there a train to Arbofield? And if you mean where my house is within walking distance of, not that many places really. The bus into town is 20 minutes. I'm right at the bottom of the south of Reading, so could walk south a bit - I know where the bridge to cross the motorway is. I think I cold comfortably walk ~2 miles, maybe a bit more. So I don't think there are any garden centres I can walk to.
  7. Ok, so I have two VFTs that seriously need repotting. They are both quite root bound, the traps are eating each other and I can't get to all the dead traps because the live ones are in the way. So they need to be repotted, but I've never done that with VFTs before (actually, should probably also do it with my sarra). I wondered if you could help. First thing, I think, is getting peat moss. I have none, although I think I still have perlite. I've been looking around on here, and it seems that Wyevale still stocks something that CPs can grow in - some sort of moss peat. I wondered if any of you could tell me: a) Is it any good? b) Before I get on the train then walk 1 1/2 miles, does the Wyevale at Hare Hatch stock any? c) If this type isn't good enough, are their any garden centres within walking distance or public transport accesible that stock a useable material? Thank you. I'll ask about what you actually do with the plants once I've got potting material.
  8. So a sibling more than a baby then? It's now got two leaves, each with a tiny pitcher on, and naturally is growing another.
  9. I'll leave it as and where it is then. I have no intention of re-potting it as it is already in a place it is not meant to be. Woohoo!
  10. I want to lick the last one you posted - it looks just like a sweet! Very impressive, I can only dream of having some like that.
  11. A few days ago, I was watering my nep. (ventrata) and discovered this green little shoot: Is this a extremely young nepenthes, or is it something else? If it is a little baby, how do I look after it? Here's the "adult" nep. (I would also appreciate general tips on looking after it): Thank you!
  12. The film I suspect you are thinking of was called 'Teeth'. Although I didn't know it was based on a myth...
  13. I'd had my VFTs and sarra outside in a mini unheated greenhouse, but night before last when I had just come back from holiday up north I found they were frozen solid. I'm afriad to say I panicked, brought them into the living room to defrost, and now they are in the toliet room next to the rather small window. No heaters in there (well there is but it's never on) and the window is usually open. Shall I leave them there or move them back outside?
  14. So after jumping around a few different species, it it probably the first one - ventrata? Ok. Easy to grow. That's good. How long until a new pitcher opens, on average? The biggest new on hasn't even grown a lid yet.
  15. Well, I've taken it out of the tray, and am going to leave it like that. I check the moistness of the soil with my finger every few days, but it doesn't seemt o need a water yet - it is definitely still wet. I don't think it's a Nepenthes × hookeriana as the pitchers are the wrong shape. And if ventrata doesn't have wings..well then. Maybe it'll become more like one or the other later? Here's a close up of one of the opened pitchers it came with, and another of the more developed new pitcher (unopened):
  16. OK, so it might be a northiana. Well, I havem't had it for long so I'll wait to see if it colours up. EDIT: Had a look at some pictures of northiaa on Google, and none of the pitchers on my plant have to wide...lips? at the edge of the hole to the pitcher. So unless mine in immature (which it may well be) it may not be a nothiana.
  17. I think mine will be ok if it's forgiving - I let the tray be empty for a while before filling it up again (not so much the soil dries out, though!)
  18. Username

    Beginner Advice

    Each trap can only shut a certian number of times before it dies, so if you feed them don't feed them too much.
  19. Well, I have been standing it in water, but also waiting quite a while between refills. So a nepenthes ventrata? This is the common one to pick up in the garden centres? Oh, so they produce their own water/liquid! Ok. Thanks for the info.
  20. So I picked this up about a month ago from a garden centre (along with another VFT) and I have no idea what type it is. It currently lives in the bathroom, on the windowsill with a curtain between it and the shower. (pics are thumbnails) This is the plant today. And this is one of the new pitchers it has sent out (not inflated): Also, the pitchers it came with have water in them. Should I put water in the newest pitchres when they open, or leave them? Finally, any advice at all on growing this sort of nep would be usefu - never grown one before! Thanks for your help.
  21. That's about the size my are now (though yours are slightly bigger and have more traps). I'm just planning to leave mine until I have to repot. I don't know why I would want to put them through all the stress now when there's no real need.
  22. This year I got seeds from the flower of one of my VFTs (self-pollinated). I did what someone reccomended eariler in this thread - treated them like an adult one. I now have quite alot of little seedlings, some with tine traps. One pot even seems to have aquired some spahgnum moss, which I read is a good sign (another has moss too, but that's a different type entirely. But that was the pot that the peanut plant appeared in, so I'm just glad some of those seeds are germinating).
  23. Well there doesn't seem to be a problem now. The only thing is with the new pitchers is that they are growing quite short, so they are getting squished between the older pitchers! A tad over crowded, but it is the beginning of the end of the season. There doesn't seem to be anymore aphids now - turns out they were all on my pepper flowers, and now there are no more flowers, no more aphids (though I did spend a day squishing aphids off the pepper flowers).
  24. This does seem to grow quite fast, even if it's not a huge plant. Quite symmetrical too!