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  1. Very nice plant! Is it good growing like mirodent?
  2. Thanks! Overheating of my plants in a greenhouse forces me to change all pots on white ones...
  3. Petr


    My plants looked like the same on window sill. Now I have them in a greenhouse and they are very colorful!
  4. Very nice plants! Especially S. [(purpurea x leucophylla) x purpurea ssp. venosa] x Moorei 'Adrian Slack', clone 1 par olive&co, sur Flickr That's very interesting how is your Sarracenia ‘Kateřina’ x ‘Přemysl Otakar I’ different. I grow clone A.
  5. I am not such enthusiast into sarracenia, but I grow my 2 favorite plants: Sarracenia ‘Přemysl Otakar I’ Sarracenia ‘Kateřina’ x ‘Přemysl Otakar I’
  6. Good job. It is my favorite heli as well. Pulchella from Akopan Tepui is much more colorful than for example pulchella black (Amuri Tepui) in my conditions. :)
  7. Personally I don´t use so much deep pots, because I am repotting my dionaea every year and I would spend so much peat. Could I ask you, where did you buy such nice white pots?
  8. Hi Gringo, 5050 LED strips are not the most suitable, I think. Better LEDs are with 430/450 nm and 640/660 nm wavelength for ensuring a higher efficiency. But anyway, still better than fluorescent lighting system. Good luck with growing! Regards
  9. Yes I partly agree with Marlon and in winter you can use almost every artificial lightening for only a couple of hours per day. For example I had some nepenthes on east windowsill and they were growing very well during spring to autumn. When winter came, I put a light source above them and they were growing good as well. Yes not so good like during summer but they were still making pitchers. It depends on your possibilities. If you have no free and suitable windowsill an aquarium or a terrarium with an artificial light is necessary for you.
  10. Hi, thank you for sharing the interesting comparison. I am growing Jaws Smiley more than one year and I can say that this plant is very nice and middle-growing (not so fast, but not so slow growing) plant. But the surprise for me was that the plant is relatively big compared to another mutants. :)
  11. My yellow dionaea is getting orange under full sun. So it is yellow only in winter and in spring, that is tricky. I would like to have true yellow one. Thumbs up!
  12. Hello, oh no, temperatures below zero are not ideal for my plants. I would like to buid something, where the temperatures will be arround 5 degrees of C (rarely 0). A very small heating unit and good isolation should be enough, because of wide window is in the place where the wintergarden will be buit up. So I hope that I will be able to control the temperatures in wintergarden by opening the window. But unfortunately I live in the place where a very low temperatures are during winter (somethimes bellow -20). I will see later how to solve it. So good luck with your wintergarden!
  13. Hello, yes probably LED will be more efficienct, but if you use some very small incandescent light bulb it should works... The question is, if are the other wavelengths in infrared spectrum of it usefull for plants... I will try it, thanks for inspiration. :)
  14. Very interesting setup. Couldn't be easily used a common light-bulb instead of LED 730 nm?
  15. Very nice. I would like to build something like this at my home for the majority of my CPs. My window-sills are still very full and the growing conditions not the best. Very important advantage of winter-garden is that the heating is not needed during winter. :) What is the temperature in your winter-garden during winter?
  16. Summer is coming soon, so it will be only better. Have your plants direct sun light too or only scattered light?
  17. Yes, I don't wonder to you :) I have to make some pictures of my plant and show you some. My plant looks a little bit different. The color is almost same but the shape of peristome is more round. Anyway I found out that my plant prefers cooler growing conditions to compare to other N. truncata hybrids. That's a little bit complication for me ...