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    From the album: Utricularia

  2. Perfect plants Lucien! Dionaea 'F04' is very similar to 'Red Fused Petiole', but your plant is bigger and nicer :)
  3. The next possibility would be to put the plant into an open aqarium with a little bit water inside.
  4. Which wavelengths have the LEDs in the strip? Does anyone know? I guess it is not 660 nm or 640 nm in red spectrum?
  5. In a couple more months it will be nice jungle. :)
  6. Thank you, It is my favourite plant. The color is not so strong, but the shape is the best!
  7. Hello, I took some pictures of this beauty. N. truncata (wide peristome) is clearly seen in this hybrid. :)
  8. Petr


  9. Petr

    Jaws smiley

    From the album: 2013

  10. What is the name of this plant please?
  11. N. hamata x spathulata looks like N. predator! Very nice plant.
  12. Yes, I would like to grow this interesting plant and consequetly extend my collection. :)
  13. Perfect plant! I was growing this plant few year ago with ventrinermis and ventrata as well. Very grateful palnts.
  14. Interesting plant! I have to spread my collection soon. :)
  15. Very nice plants! Are the traps of DM Angelwing functional?
  16. Petr

    Another pitcher

    This is the cutting wound treated by growth stimulant.
  17. Petr

    Cutting of N. lowii x truncata

    Here the cutting of my very big Nepenthes lowii x truncata is showed.