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  1. Hello,


    unfortunately I have to report my bad experience with



    I wanted to buy these plants:


    Big Boy
    Hummer Giant
    Dudley Watts


    He wrote me that he had these plants, I paid and he sent me a package.


    BUT i got these plants:


    1 x Big Boy
    2 x Dudley Watts


    I wrote him about this mistake , but he did not response me. I sent him couple of emails as well. It was 2-3 months ago in July. I gave him a lot of time, I know, somebody can be on holidays, etc. But now I decided to report this problem.


    I have to note that his plants are nice, yes, but I do not know, why he do not response me. Why he do not want to retrive his mistake?





  2. Hi, some pictures during my trip around New Zealand. I was traveling in August and in Sempember so only snow was on some places. I am not houndred percent sure about the names of plants, in case of incorrect names, please write me.


    Drosera Peltata, lake Taharoa, Kai Iwi Lakes, Omamari, Noth Island, NZ






    Drosera Peltata, Big Bay, Queen Charlotte track, Marlborough sound, South Island, NZ





    Drosera stenopetala, Routeburn track, Te-Anau Milford Hwy – Key Summit, South Island, NZ



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