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  1. Hello, currently I have N. truncata lowland female in bloom. In 1-2 month my another N. truncata lowland female will flower as well. Is there anybody with Nepenthes male please?
  2. Hello, the plant looks like healthy, so I think this is caused by normal growing activity. Remember pitcher plant needs a lot of light, but not the direct sun. Maybe it will be better to repot the plant and give her bigger pot. Good luck! Petr
  3. This plant can be grown even without terrarium just on the windowsill. It is easy plant, but it is hard to make cuttings, because it grows slow and it does not climb.
  4. Petr

    CP 2017

  5. Petr

    H. heterodoxa x minor

    From the album: CP 2017

  6. From the album: CP 2017

  7. Hello, Couple of pictures from my recent trip to Croatan National Forest. :)
  8. Hello, Let me show you couple of pictures from my trip to the top of G. Trusmadi.
  9. Petr

    CP 2016

  10. Petr

    IMG 1588 S

    From the album: CP 2016

  11. Petr

    DSC00186 small

    From the album: CP 2016

  12. Petr


    From the album: CP 2016

  13. Petr


    From the album: CP 2016

  14. Petr

    IMG 0670

    B. hectioides
  15. Petr


    H. pulchella black
  16. Petr


    Lowii x ventricosa
  17. Petr


    From the album: 2015

  18. Petr


  19. Petr


    From the album: 2015

  20. Petr

    IMG 0670

    From the album: 2015

  21. Hello, unfortunately I have to report my bad experience with raymondp I wanted to buy these plants: Big Boy Hummer Giant Dudley Watts He wrote me that he had these plants, I paid and he sent me a package. BUT i got these plants: 1 x Big Boy 2 x Dudley Watts I wrote him about this mistake , but he did not response me. I sent him couple of emails as well. It was 2-3 months ago in July. I gave him a lot of time, I know, somebody can be on holidays, etc. But now I decided to report this problem. I have to note that his plants are nice, yes, but I do not know, why he do not response me. Why he do not want to retrive his mistake? Petr
  22. Hello, very nice plants! How old is your N. macrophylla please? Regards, Petr
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