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  1. You send the little punk a few droplets of water until he falls in. I've noticed the same in some of my older pitchers, literally clogging up the opening.
  2. I recently discovered an unused bag of potting soil in the garage. Its ingredients are...and I quote... "Recycled Green Material, Peat Moss, Fir Bark, Perlite, and Sand". And it says there's no human or animal waste included. So would this soil suffice for my Sarracenia and Dionaea?
  3. Ha-ha! Same thing happened to me about a month ago. I could hear the lil' guy buzzing feebly trying to get out, and then the next day I found a hole. Was a little...annoyed...
  4. Gaaah! What? Do ants really pose a threat? In the fall I had an invasion on my plants, literally drowning themselves and stacking up in full inches inside the pitchers. Then the problem just...stopped.
  5. Can I follow up with my own question? Does allowing the flower to grow slow down the production of pitchers? Like, significantly?
  6. Yes! Thank you so much!
  7. Thing is, my budget's sorta limited. By that I mean it's not the top priority right now. Still, I don't want the lil' guy dying. I have a whole bag of sphagnum peat moss. Will that suffice?
  8. Chatterer

    Potting Mix

    I want to replant my little Sarracenia purpurea. But I have no idea what'd make a good potting mix. Should I go with long-fiber sphagnum, or sphagnum peat moss? Ooorrr...something else? What?
  9. Chatterer

    Feeding Sugar

    I remember reading some old topics here talking about giving younger plants sugar water. Supposedly, they'll grow faster.
  10. Velvet mites. Just haven't fattened up yet.
  11. Chatterer

    No traps

    Good to hear, suzy! I was worrying about whether or not I needed perlite for mine, but I guess it's not that necessary?
  12. Thanks for this helpful information. I had been wondering about this also.
  13. Lowii is infamous for its sluggish pace of growth.