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  1. Hi, all Just a quick word to appologise for the lack of replies to emails, and PM's over the last few weeks. My Granmother has been very ill in hospital with dementia, then a ruptured liver, and finally a perforated bowel. She passed away last Friday, so now my family are just sorting out things, and seeing to my granfather who still lives in his own flat at 91! Anyway, I hope to get back into the 'swing of things' again soon, and to work on about 2 weeks 'back-log' of gemmae to collect. Not to mention a 8x20 glasshouse to build. Regards Langy
  2. Hi, I got all mine from Greenhouses Direct also. I have an Elite Craftsman 6x8, and Elite Belmont 8x12. Plus next week I have my new Elite Belmont 8x20 with internal partition arriving !!!!! What size are you looking for anyway? Regards Langy
  3. Hi, Your Dalingtonia is from Vulcan Lake, near Brookings on the Oregon / California State boundaries. Grown from seed collected by Stewart McPherson back in 2005. I hope thats enouth info for you? Regards Langy
  4. Actually, your Garden Centre buys their C.P.s from an intermediate company like 'Smallys' (who buy them for £1.20 each) then sell them for £2.50 to your G.C. Who in turn then selld them for £4.99 Regards Langy
  5. Hi, Mario If you send Allen an email requesting his catalogue, all you will get is a reply asking you to send a letter with AUS $20 to cover postage. Regards Langy
  6. Well thanks to all who came along Saturday, it was good to see you all. Ian thanks for the photos, I didnt realise you were running round with your camera so much! I hope the little-ones didnt get too bored, although you were right about them eating, I'd probably get them check out for Tapeworm or something. All that food needs to go somewhere...! Anyway, I hope to see some of you around a few other meetings this year. Regards Langy
  7. Hi, Ian I thought we used to be such good friends..... That was until you discovered girls See you Saturday. Regards Langy
  8. Hi, all Well to try and tempt a few more of you to think about comming to my open day, I can now confirm that I will have a few limited numbers of... Heliamphora minor adult plants H. heterodoxa adult plants H. heterodoxa X minor adult plants - hard grown with temps down to 6Deg.C. H. heterodoxa X nutans H. folliculata 'Aparoman Tepui' juvenile plants H. chimantensis juvenile plants H. huberi 'Amuri Tepui' adult plants And maybe a few more a little closer to the date. Also before I get swamped with emails, and PM's. Im not mail ordering (or reserving) these plants for at least another 2 months. Regards Langy
  9. Hi, all Now that I have sorted things out a little after moving house last January (2009), I can now begin my open days again. Saturday 6th March 10am to 4pm So for this year, Im going for an early Open Day, so with luck some of my Tuberous and Pygmy Drosera will still be showing some good growth. My collections are housed in a 8x12, and 6x8 heated glasshouses, and a 10x25 polytunnel for the Dionaea, Sarracenia, Darlingtonia and temperate growing Drosera, plus several terrariums scattered throughout the house for the Heliamphora, plus my new (still a work-in-progress) propagation basement. Along with the National Collection Drosera, I also have a good National Collection of Heliamphora, with some rare plants included (like a flowering H. sp. Akopan). Unlike my past Open Days, where I had to restrict the number of people due to space. I now have my own house so there is no restriction, so everyone is welcome. I will also have a selection of plants for sale, and you are all welcome to bring your own plants to sell too. Please E-mail if you wish to come, so I can sort out teas, and coffee's. And if you require address, directions, phone number etc. [email protected] Regards Langy
  10. Hi, Adam Sorry to say, but you have yet another D. spatulata. If it goes a nice deep burgundy red colour in full sun it might be the 'Tamilin' form. Heres a good link to what D. curviscapa looks like, Link Where did you get the plant from? Regards Langy
  11. Hi, Adam Your plant is actually H. heterodoxa X ionasii. Regards Langy
  12. Hi, all I think the guys name is Richard, Ive had both Envirolites (250W) and Plug-n-Gro (125W) lights from him, both are doing fine and my plants are thriving! Regards Langy
  13. Hi, Matt I have used Provado spray on my Heliamphora nutans, H. minor, H. heterodoxa X ionasii, H. heterodoxa X minor, H. nutans X ionasii, H. elongata. None of them have shown any signs of damage etc after use. Regards Langy
  14. Hi, all I had a nice suprise when I was checking through my Heliamphora tank today. Heliamphora sp. Akopan, if you look closely at the base of the plant, you'll see the outline of a developing flower stem. Here it is a little closer. As H. sp. Akopan is still (as of yet) formally undiscribed, I cant wait to see what this flower will look like? Regards Langy
  15. Hi, all Well this seasons Drosera gemmae has now started, my listings will be updated as and when gemmae are collected. Some species will be in very short supply e.g. D. gibsonii, D. walyunga, etc. No pre-orders sorry, as I cant promise what my plants will produce! Regards Langy