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  1. Hi! A few photos of some of my Drosera: D. cistiflora D. lowrie D. neocaledonica D. kaieteurensis D. camporupestris D. tentaculata seedlings D. spiralis seedlings D. regia D. graomogolensis D. tomentosa 'Morro do Jambeiro' D. felix The odd one out: U. babui Enjoy!
  2. Hi! A few pictures of a mixed Drosera pot (graomogolensis, hamiltonii, burmannii). Happend quite accidentally. Regards, Stefan
  3. Hi! I just unboxed my new camera (Olympus SZ-16) and took a few pictures. I found the macro function quite impressive. They may not be the best pictures, I'll have to try different settings and get some experience. Here goes: P. moctezumae P. gypsicola U. babui D. tomentosa var. glabrata Serra do Caraca Stowaway D. burmannii D. felix (I guess I'll be having some seeds for sale soon ;) ) Regards, Stefan
  4. Hi! Thanks for your answer. I'll try gentler sterilisation, either a weaker solution of NaDCC or just regular bleach plus shorter sterilization times. Regards, Stefan
  5. Hi! I've been growing carnivorous plants for some years now and finally decided to have a go at tissue culture. I bought a kit from and have been experimenting for about two months now. First I tried a 50% MS medium with 1mg/L PPM-compliant solution and 25g/L sugar with some seeds and cuttings. Of the seeds only D. regia and P. moctezumae germinated (and are also still alive, though not really thriving), the smaller seeds (various Drosera species) haven't germinated and I suppose they won't. Of the cutting all died (ie. turned black) within a few days. No mould though. I trie
  6. Very beautifully coloured and healthy looking plants!
  7. Thanks! I'll change it in my growlist.
  8. Hi! This question is to all the Drosera experts out there. I've got some plants whose seeds I received as "Drosera montana var. tomentosa (hairless scapes) ‘Serra do Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil’" Now that they are flowering I could see that the scapes are really hairless (except for a few occansional hairs), whereas my other D. tomentosas (Morro Do Jambeiro) are quite hairy. Is this the distinguishing feature between tomentosa and tomentosa var. glabrata? Should my tomentosa 'Serra do Caraca' (hairless scapes) be really called D. tomentosa var. glabrata? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I want to introduce you to my latest project: A DIY "Terra Control" device for controlling temperature and humidity. Perhaps it's useful to other people beside myself. If you buy those devices from your local (or online) pet store they tend to be quite expensive, despite the fact that they are really very simple. Just a sensor for humidity/temperature plus a human interface plus a relay connected to a power plug. As I was searching for an idea for a new microcontroller poroject I thought: "Why not build one of those myself?" And here's the result: Features: selectable target day a
  10. Wow! You've really got an amazing collection! Loved also you D.'Shibata', it's really a beauty and I hope it'll get 'spread around' a bit soon. Do you know how far it is already distributed in cultivation? BTW: is the D. felix from my seeds? Regards, Stefan
  11. Absolutely stunning plants (as always)! Thanks for sharing them!
  12. Hi! Very nice pics! btw: shouldn't it be "flower" instead of "flour"? Regards, Stefan
  13. What a pretty flower! Congratulations! Regards, Stefan
  14. Hi! I've got two forms of Drosera tomentosa and I'm a bit confused about the variation called glabrata. The first one is: D. tomentosa 'Morro Do Jambeiro, Grao Mogol, Minas Gerais, Brazil' and the secon one: D. tomentosa (hairless scapes) 'Serra do Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil' Is the second one equivalent to D. tomentosa var. glabrata from the same location? And is the the first one the "plain" D. tomentosa? Perhaps Fernando or another expert can help me? Regards, Stefan