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  1. Thanks for all the praise! ... Yes ... apparently some are insufficient sunshine! But the future will develop good ~ Again, some pictures This is one moorei of My favorite...Very large X mooeri Avalon Beach area, St. Rosa Co., FL, pubescent on lid MK F3 MK RG5 puppurea ssp. venosa anthocyanin free
  2. flava "Chris Walker" charming lips! "Pink Eye" "Peaches" lowii X truncata other plants~ Nymphaea 'Islamorada'
  3. 'Victoria Morley' X excellens Yellow flower minor v. okefenokeensis L39a again! MK A26 'Schnell's Ghost' leucophylla alata Red lid, but very dark! "Santa Rosa Red"
  4. This is a wonderful autumn, although we have experienced a severe typhoon, but everything has been in the past, MK L39A moorei 'Leah Wilkerson' OP, a interested orange-yellow plants, red lips, But still need to wait for maturity 'Adrian Slack' 'Hurricane Creek White'
  5. Hi all, I have take a new pic of the leaf! Please refer to!
  6. Hi Alexander, This plant came from Christian Klein, He told me the name, And I have had seen one livida Durban clone picture, it seems very similar to livida giant, However, I am not 100% sure that I am sorry, I do not have cultivated normal livida, but this week (or the next few weeks) When it has a new blooming, I will take pictures! Perhaps I can take the leaf with a scale in this week, Regards, Campbell
  7. Fernado, I get this plant from Germany year ago, it is easy to grow, You have not seen this named location in the USA? Perhaps I can help you Cheers, Campbell
  8. Thank you for your appreciation Perhaps it is from Durban by South Africa!
  9. Ha ha...... Avery, I think even if I have a U. campbelliana, It will still not have any flowers this year ... may take a long time? I guess you will be in full bloom earlier than me
  10. left: Tokyo or Kyoto, right: Australia form is not dormant
  11. Those are from seed growing in last year! I'm very interested to peltata complex with still looking for D. bicolor...a exceptional species Drosera peltata var. peltata- Anglesea, Vic. Drosera auriculata- Brisbane Ranges, Vic. Drosera peltata var. gracilis- Grampians, Vic.
  12. add photo, leucophylla "Schnell's Ghost" leucophylla "Santa Rosa Red" leucophylla # 16 "Victoria Morley" "Victoria Morley" montana moorei
  13. moorei Leah Wilkerson Bog, N Walton Co, FL. MK a46 minor var. okefenokeensis mooeri Avalon Beach area, St. Rosa Co., FL,